‘Dance Moms’ Renewal Buzz Swirls, Spoilers Suggest A Cancellation Was Avoided

Rumors have been swirling for a while now regarding a potential Dance Moms cancellation, but some interesting news may be emerging on that front. Abby Lee Miller led many to believe that the series was over, but some signs are pointing toward more episodes coming to Lifetime soon. What’s the scoop so far on this front?

As was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, an Instagram post by Abby Lee Miller after filming wrapped a bit ago led many to speculate that Dance Moms was canceled. It became clear that the group was done working on new episodes at least for the moment, and the tone of many social media posts led many to wonder if the group was wrapping things up for good this time. As the buzz swirled, Brynn Rumfallo’s mom Ashlee spoke out and noted that nothing was determined yet, and it sounded as if the network and production company might have been waiting to see how things played out with Miller’s fraud sentencing before making an official decision.

Now, however, an executive producer of the series has taken to social media to reveal some big spoilers, and it seems that additional episodes are on the way. Executive Producer Bryan Stinson tweeted that filming will kick back into gear again on February 11 with a competition in Anaheim that will be filmed for the series. The post immediately got people buzzing, although it isn’t clear at this point which dancers will be returning.

Will Kalani Hilliker return for more episodes of 'Dance Moms'?
Will Kalani Hilliker be returning for more episodes? [Image by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Miss Me]

Dance Moms spoilers that are swirling around hint that there may be some changes, with one or two of the older girls perhaps deciding to move on to other projects. What about Miller? Abby tends to be quite outspoken both on camera and via social media when it comes to her frustrations with the show and with production and a couple of weeks ago she was at it again.

Miller posted on Instagram noting that she had not been given a formal offer to do any additional episodes, and she questioned whether casting calls that were circulating for more episodes of Dance Moms were legitimate or perhaps tied to a scam of some sort. Within the text of the post, Abby ranted about how she had trouble ever getting a creative credit on the show, but a producer she clearly didn’t respect had gotten one. Miller also noted that her creativity could be utilized better somewhere else, leading many of her followers to panic.

Would Dance Moms really continue without Abby? Some have been speculating about this possibility for some time now, especially in the wake of her legal issues. After numerous delays, Miller did enter a guilty plea in the case, and she should learn her sentence on February 24. Her legal team is asking for probation, but it is possible that she will need to serve some jail time. Abby’s fans cannot stand the idea of the series continuing without her, but others think that the dancers and their moms could carry the show in a new direction that could invigorate things a bit.

Chloe Lukasiak will pop up again soon on 'Dance Moms' [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

What about Chloe Lukasiak? Dance Moms spoilers have revealed that Chloe and her mom Christi will pop up in the finale to surprise the Abby Lee Dance Company crew at the Nationals, and Chloe will mention that she’s been thinking about competing again. While it had sounded as if this was just a buzzworthy appearance in what could have ended up being the series finale, a recent interview with Lukasiak shared a tidbit that made it sound as if this may end up being an ongoing return after all.

Has Lifetime truly renewed Dance Moms rather than cancel it? There hasn’t been an official announcement put out by the network as of yet, but based on that executive producer’s tweet, it certainly sounds as if additional episodes are on the way. More spoilers should emerge soon as filming begins again, and it shouldn’t take long to pin down who is or is not going to appear in the upcoming episodes, especially if Chloe Lukasiak does return for more than one appearance. Do you think that the show can go on without Abby Lee Miller if that is what production aims to do?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]