Tracy Morgan Reveals He And Wife Role-Play As Rob & Chyna On Ellen DeGeneres

Tracy Morgan told Ellen DeGeneres that he was doing much better since his recovery, so much so that he and his wife have been spicing it up in the bedroom, role-playing as Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

Tracey Morgan, 48, suffered a broken leg, broken ribs, and several head injuries in June of 2014 after his tour bus crashed with a WalMart truck. The actor was left in a coma for two weeks.

Morgan appeared on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday and assured everyone that he was doing much better. He and his wife, Megan Wollover, are even planning to have another baby soon, according to Page Six.

“I bought my wife a house, it’s $20 million dollars … When we move in we’re going to have another baby. She promised me we can go for a boy as soon as we’re in our new house, so we’re starting tonight.”

Tracy Morgan explained during his interview with Ellen DeGeneres that he had been so bored during his recovery that he and his wife had used the time to have “crazy” sex, role playing as Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna.

“You gotta understand, for a whole year, I was on the couch, I couldn’t do nothin’, so when everything was working, I went crazy.”

“Our sex life is so hot, it’s, like, volatile. We role-play, that’s how we keep it hot.”

“Like tonight, she’s gonna dress up like Blac Chyna and I’m gonna put on a fat suit and be Rob Kardashian. Gotta keep it hot.”

Ellen joked that maybe she would “go home and try that too.”

Morgan also spoke about two other people that had helped him through his difficult recovery after the accident.

“Maybe a week and half after I came out [of the coma], Eddie Murphy — I spoke to him on the phone, and he made me laugh.”

“But I was heavily sedated … I chuckled, I laughed. When I got to give him his Mark Twain Award, I told him from the stage, ‘You’s the first one to make me laugh when I came back, and I love you for that.'”

The 30 Rock star also spoke about his three-year-old daughter, Maven.

“I missed her first birthday because I was in a coma, but I got to see her take her first steps, and that inspired me and my wife to walk for the first time.”

“I got out my wheelchair — my wife went crazy because my femur was still in little pieces, but she inspired me to get up and walk. I know my purpose in life now is to spread love.”

The actor also has three sons, Malcolm, Gitrid, and Tracy Jr., from a previous marriage.

All jokes aside, Tracy Morgan revealed that after his horrific crash, doctors had thought he would not survive, according to Daily Mail.

“[Doctors] gave me a two percent chance of living, but God gave me a second chance.”

The actor and comedian said that he appreciated the love and good will that everyone sent his way and that his daughter Maven played a huge part in helping him find the strength to walk again after being in a wheelchair for months.

“There’s a lot of good will for me, and I feel like the Desmond Tutu of show business now,’ he joked. ‘I feel like Gandhi. And I just want to have the opportunity to give it back.”

A preliminary investigation of the accident by the National Transportation Safety Board said that the driver of the truck was driving 65 mph in the 60 seconds before slamming into the tour bus.

The speed limit on that area of the New Jersey turnpike is 55 mph and was actually lowered to 45 mph at the time of the accident because of construction.

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