Jimin Of BTS And Seulgi Of Red Velvet Dating Rumors Cause Chaos Among K-Pop Fans

Jan Omega

Though it is just almost halfway through February, 2017 is proving to be a year loaded with fabricated relationship rumors thanks to K-netizens. Just recently, there were rumors that G-Dragon of Big Bang and Hara formerly of Kara were in a relationship simply because they were seen together during a hangout at the Lotte World Amusement Park. However, those rumors were quickly squashed as KeyEast, the entertainment label and agency Hara is currently signed to, provided a statement denying that such a relationship exists.

The two K-pop acts that seem to be targeted with relationship rumors as of late are BTS and Red Velvet. The first one was fabricated earlier this year when V and Joy were said to be in a relationship. It came about when K-netizens saw V "intensely staring" at Joy during the 2016 MBC Musical Festival last year. Apparently, "intense staring" is a sign of a relationship. It does not help that Big Hit Entertainment or SM Entertainment have not commented on the rumors either confirming or denying them.

Now it seems K-netizens are fabricating another rumored relationship between two different members of BTS and Red Velvet. This time around, they are pushing that Jimin and Seulgi are in a relationship which in turn is causing a chaos among K-pop fans, especially those who are A.R.M.Y. and Red Velvet fans.

As most K-pop fans know, most relationship rumors are fabricated simply by interactions or likenesses between two K-pop idols. Going back to Joy and V's rumored relationship, V was "starring intensely" at Joy because apparently that is all K-netizens need to justify a relationship. The same goes for Jimin and Seulgi as their relationship is based off the same two details. According to AllKpop, both Jimin and Seulgi had an "interaction" of some sort during an end-of-the-year awards ceremony last year which looks like the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun, but don't consider that as fact.

And if the aforementioned "proof" wasn't enough for K-netizens, they are also saying that Jimin and Seulgi wearing the same kinds of clothing and jewelry is proof of their relationship. Summarized, every little thing K-pop idols do that are similar to each other point to them dating.

K-pop fans, especially the international ones, had enough of all the rumors and are striking back, arguing that such rumors shouldn't be spread but debunked.

[Featured Image by Big Hit Entertainment and SM Entertainment]