‘The Challenge’ Spoilers: Who Reportedly Wins ‘Invasion Of The Champions’?

MTV is ready to premiere a new season of The Challenge, and spoilers tease that this will be a good one. The theme this time is that a group of underdogs will battle to escape undesirable conditions and move into the typical luxurious accommodations that players typically get on the series. As an added twist, the Underdogs will have to face off against eight former Champions to earn a spot in the finale and eventually snag a piece of the big prize money. The finale is said to be epic in Season 29, and everybody is anxious to know who will prevail this time around.

Challenge spoilers from People detail that Invasion of the Champions will feature the Underdogs, a group made up of 18 competitors who have never won the competition before, and they will surely be sizing one another up as they begin the battle. However, their alliances and strategies will be thrown into disarray when host TJ Lavin throws a big twist at them: Not only do they have to beat one another, but they also have to beat previous Challenge champions as well to score a major payday as well.

MTV is bringing back a handful of previous winners, and some of them are icons from the franchise. As Entertainment Weekly details, Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio, CT Tamburello, Cara Maria Sorbello, and Camila Nakagawa are returning to show the Underdogs just how fierce this competition can be. Additional Champion competitors include Ashley Kelsey, Darrell Taylor, Laurel Stucky, and Zach Nichols.

Will CT Tamburello win big this season on 'The Challenge: Invasion'? [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

Given these two big twists, the fact that the Underdogs need to compete just to get to “The Oasis” to stay and the need to conquer previous champions as well, the returning players certainly have the odds stacked against them. How many, if any, will make it to the final challenge and will any of them win?

When it comes to Challenge spoilers for the MTV series, the Vevmo forum has a long track record of success. The forum has detailed a lot of scoop regarding the eliminations throughout Invasions, and they reveal the supposed finalists and winners once again. The network teases that Season 29 will be perhaps the most gripping and unpredictable in franchise history, and fans cannot wait to see if this battle can live up to the hype.

Can Johnny Bananas score yet another win with the series? He has shown in the past that he is willing to do just about anything to get that cash prize at the end, but Challenge spoilers indicate that Devenanzio will come up short this time. Zach and Darrell also are said to fall short of a win on the guys’ side, while Cara Maria, Ashley, and Laurel are said to be eliminated ahead of the finale on the ladies’ side.

'The Challenge' brings back Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio
Johnny Bananas is back for Season 29 of 'The Challenge' [Image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]

There will be plenty of drama as this all plays out, especially as it seems that a couple of elimination battles will pit fierce Champions against one another. Challenge spoilers tease that Ashley and Zach seem to be the first from the Champions group to head home. Cara Maria is said to be eliminated by Laurel while Johnny fails to beat Darrell when needed.

Challenge spoilers from the forum detail that the finale will feature Nicole Zanatta from Real World: Skeletons, Camila, and Ashley Mitchell from Real World: Explosion along with CT, Cory Wharton from Explosion, and Nelson Thomas from Are You The One? Season 3. As for the finishing order, it is said that Tamburello and Mitchell take first place for their respective sides, with Nakawaga and Thomas taking second and Wharton and Zanatta in third.

Viewers are excited to see Tamburello back, as this is his first time competing on the series again since the heartbreaking death of former girlfriend and fellow Challenge fan-favorite competitor Diem Brown. CT shared with Hollywood Life that after that all happened, he didn’t think he’d return to the series. However, Tamburello is a father now, and he says he’s changed a lot and wants to do the show again so down the road his son can see him as a good example.

Will these Challenge spoilers about Invasion of the Champions pan out to be correct? Season 29 of the MTV series debuts on Tuesday, February 7, and it sounds as if this may be one of the craziest yet.

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