Jeff Sessions Vote For Senate Confirmation Wednesday

Jeff Sessions vote for Attorney General

The Jeff Sessions vote by the Senate to serve as attorney general under President Trump is scheduled for Wednesday, as the Democrats’ method to delay his nomination process failed on Tuesday afternoon.

It’s expected, however, that Senate Democrats will still do what they can to prevent Sessions from becoming attorney general.

DeVos Confirmed

The Betsy DeVos vote for education secretary was confirmed earlier on Tuesday after initially ending in a tie. The tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence came after Senate Democrats forwent sleep last night and this morning to communicate the reasons they believe DeVos is not fit to be secretary of education. They cited her dearth of know-how and her apparent favoring of charter schools as reasons for why they believe she is not qualified to serve.

Betsy DeVos education secretary

All this drama regarding Sessions, DeVos, and other Trump cabinet picks is, according to some Republicans, nothing more than smoke and mirrors because they’re still unhappy with the fact that Donald Trump is the U.S. president. Trump spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway reportedly told Fox News on Tuesday that Democrats wish to demean Sessions and others, thus insinuating that their concern about Trump’s picks is merely an act.

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions’ vote is scheduled for Wednesday, but Democrats have already been fighting tooth and nail to delay their official vote for Sessions. In fact, it wasn’t until Tuesday that the Senate voted to continue on with Sessions’ nomination process. According to Politico, Democrat Joe Manchin voted against his party’s interest, making the final tally 52 in favor of Sessions and 47 against the Alabama senator.

According to Senate Democrats, Jeff Sessions’ civil rights history is reason enough to deny him the role of attorney general, but if one looks closer and does their research, they’ll notice a glaring contradiction to this argument. For instance, on November 2, 2005 Senator Sessions awarded Rosa Parks with the Congressional Gold Medal, a highly honorable award granted to American civilians.

“Since the American Revolution, Congress has commissioned gold medals as its highest expression of national appreciation for distinguished achievements and contributions by individuals or institutions.”

Rosa Parks in 1997

Additionally, the NAACP, an organization which has been vocal in its opposition to having an Attorney General Sessions, awarded the Alabama senator in 2009 with the Governmental Award of Excellence.

Sessions also voted in favor of Eric Holder, a black man, serving as attorney general under President Obama, a move that went against the votes of many of his fellow Republicans, according to The Hill.

As Senate votes generally go, on Wednesday most, if not all, Democrats will vote against Jeff and most, if not all, Republicans will vote in his favor, and if no partisan crossing of the aisles occurs, Americans can expect to have Jeff Sessions as their new attorney general, as the GOP has Senate majority advantage.

Who’s Left?

Besides Sessions and the attorney general position, there are eight more cabinet picks to be confirmed by the Senate. They include Trump’s picks for Departments of Health, Commerce, Treasury, Housing, Labor, Energy, Interior, and Agriculture. In that same order, the president has nominated for those positions Republican Congressman Tom Price, investor Wilbur Ross, Goldman Sach’s Steven Mnuchin, neurosurgeon and former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, executive businessman Andrew Puzder, Former governor of Texas Rick Perry, Republican Representative Ryan Zinke and former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue.

The Betsy DeVos vote passed despite the Democrats’ best efforts, and the Jess Sessions vote isn’t likely to pass without a fight as well. Some sources say Senate Democrats will battle all of Trump’s picks no matter their past or what they stand for, but are they just wasting time they could be spending opposing Trump another way? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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