Sean Lowe Gets Advice From Nick Viall After ‘The Bachelor’: ‘Stick To Parenting’

Sean Lowe once participated on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor to find love, and throughout his journey on the shows, he found a wife. He has become one of the success stories on the show, and one can imagine that he’s thankful for how things have turned out for him, especially since he also got a few hosting opportunities from being a famous reality star. But at the end of the day, he’s living in Dallas with his wife, Catherine, and he became a father just last year. Lowe and his wife had a little son, Samuel. However, it sounds like Sean still wants to watch the show and he’s been commenting on Nick Viall’s journey to find love.

According to a new tweet, Sean Lowe was very active last night. He went above and beyond to get a laugh out of his followers, even if he had to write something rude about his son. While many people can see that he was just kidding around, he does make some comments sometimes that can be seen as insensitive. And for one of the comments, Nick Viall decided to call him out.

“Samuel’s crying over here and it’s as if he doesn’t care I’m trying to tweet along to the show. Hope my next kid is more considerate,” Sean Lowe tweeted last night as The Bachelor aired on television, to which Nick Viall replied, “Stick to parenting.”

It's Super Bowl Sunday and we're eating everything.

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And it sounds like Sean appreciated the comment about sticking to parenting rather than watching The Bachelor, writing back, “ZING!!!”

Nick may have meant the comment as a joke since Sean Lowe has already participated on the show and found love. He found love and had a son, and he has been in therapy to make his relationship great again. However, Viall’s tweet does hint that Sean should focus on his new role and be a father rather than get so involved in his journey to find love. But it sounds like Lowe appreciates his wife, as she gets his bad jokes and doesn’t mind that he’s using their son as part of his jokes.

“Every Monday I realize again how hot my husband is because his tweets are so freaking fire #TheBachelor,” Catherine tweeted last night, clearly supporting her husband’s tweets about her son, Samuel.

Sean Lowe wrote back, “Every Monday I realize how lucky I am to have found you in the midst of this circus. And also thankful you find me mildly funny.”

But if Sean Lowe can’t manage one son while watching The Bachelor, Lowe may not have been too happy when Catherine told him that she wants five children with him. And of course, this comment lead to yet another joke.

“I’m assuming that when Catherine says she wants 5 kids, we’ll be holding rose ceremonies to whittle them down to our favorite,” Sean Lowe later tweeted to his Bachelor fans, making his son the joke once again.

My Saturday nights don't look like they used to.

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This isn’t the first time that Sean Lowe has used his son as part of a joke. A few months ago, Lowe called his son dumb after traveling to Colorado. And while it was meant as a funny tweet, his parenting was called into question.

“We’re in Colorado! Not that the baby knows any different. He’s a baby, he’s dumb,” Sean Lowe previously revealed on social media, according to the Inquisitr, to which people replied to him, “Not cool calling your baby ‘dumb’ great start in life for your ‘son’ #NiceParenting #Disrespectful” and “I think I’m in the clear. He doesn’t check Instagram very often.”

What do you think of Sean Lowe’s tweets about his son? Are you surprised that Nick Viall called him out, asking him to focus on his parenting rather than watching The Bachelor?

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