‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Punches Plane Passenger, Cops Called In ‘Racial’ Incident

Many people may not recognize the name of Danielle Bregoli, but ask anyone on the internet about the “Cash Me Ousside” girl, and they will know who you are talking about. She became an Internet sensation after her appearance on Dr. Phil, and she is set for another episode this week, but there’s something bigger now. The cops were called onto an airplane after she punched a passenger in what is being called a “racial” situation.

When she was a guest of Dr. Phil, she was seen as the thuggish young girl who believed she could fight anyone, do anything, and would be happy enough to step outside with anyone who thought differently. Well, an incident on a plane on Monday evening shows that she is willing to have anyone “cash” her anywhere.

According to TMZ, Bregoli and her mother were boarding a Spirit Airlines flight out of LAX on Monday night when she ended up punching another passenger. From there, it got even uglier as things turned racial and the cops were called.

Bregoli and her mother were boarding the flight, and it appears there was some issue with her mom getting her carry-on bag into the overhead. Her mother is in a walking cast due to an injured foot, and it was causing a bit of a wait for passengers coming in behind them.

The “Cash Me Ousside” girl says one woman began getting very impatient and put her hands around the throat of her mother, Barbara-Ann. Bregoli proceeded to “cold-cock” the woman in the face, and that led to the woman making a citizen arrest.

Shortly after the incident started, police boarded the plane and escorted the “Cash Me Ousside” girl, her mother, and the woman off the plane. No charges ended up being pressed by anyone involved, and no arrests were made either.

All of those involved said that lawyers are going to handle the situation from this point on.

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TMZ does have a video of the incident from the plane in which the unnamed woman who was punched by Danielle could be heard calling the young girl a “w***er.” This was when the situation turned into a racial incident, and the woman also spit in the direction of Danielle and Barbara-Ann.

Reddit explains a bit about how the 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli achieved her fame and became an Internet wonder and meme. While on the Dr. Phil show, she was speaking with the doctor and her mother while acting tough and bad and as if she didn’t care about anything.

As she was speaking, Dr. Phil kept asking her to repeat herself because he couldn’t understand all the slang she was throwing around. At one point, she simply threw out, “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?”

The girl’s mother kept “translating” for Dr. Phil and the audience watching, so she let everyone know that her daughter was making a threat, and the child said, “Catch me outside. How about that?”

It is being reported that the “Cash Me Ousside” girl, her mother, and the woman punched in the face have been banned for life by Spirit Airlines.

It certainly doesn’t appear as if her appearance on the Dr. Phil show has helped Danielle Bregoli’s attitude or way of going through life. Maybe, she was defending her mother, and something really did happen, and that is why she punched another passenger on the plane. Whatever the true story may be, she is quite lucky that charges weren’t pressed, but it seems as if she may benefit from another visit to Dr. Phil McGraw.

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