Mike Shay Moving On From Scheana Shay: Too Smart For ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Crew?

Mike Shay got married to Scheana Shay on a season of Vanderpump Rules as the two of them had been dating for a long time. However, the marriage quickly hit some bumps in the road. While Scheana tried to keep her distance from the show with her marital problems, Mike Shay didn’t exactly film the show at all. It was clear that Scheana was the one who had signed on to the show, and Mike didn’t feel comfortable being in front of the cameras.

According to a new tweet, Mike Shay shared how he’s feeling without actually saying a word. Shay recently shared a tweet written by a viewer and retweeted it to let everyone know what was on his mind. As it turns out, it sounds like Mike is distancing himself from Vanderpump Rules, the Bravo network, and even his estranged wife. And if the retweet is an indication of his feelings, it sounds like he sees himself as being better than the cast of Vanderpump Rules.

“#PumpRules marathon. My takeaway? Mike Shay is WAY too smart to hang out with this crew. His post-pool party analysis = DEAD ON!” one person wrote about Mike Shay, which was a tweet that Shay himself retweeted this week.

After filing for divorce, Scheana has done several interviews about her marriage. In addition, she opened up about her marital troubles on Vanderpump Rules so fans would get a glimpse into her life with Mike. But Shay has been very silent about his divorce. It’s no secret that he struggled with pills and alcohol a few years ago, and Scheana helped him stay clean and sober. Some people believe that he has relapsed because he was spending time away from home and disappearing for several nights in a row. While Mike told his wife that he was in the studio making music, she was clearly concerned about his well-being and their relationship.

In an interview with Bravo, Scheana revealed that she did notice some red flags during her relationship with Shay, but she was very good at ignoring them.

“I’m a person who likes to just sweep things under the rug and just act like everything’s OK and put on a happy face,” Scheana told Bravo‘s The Daily Dish about her marriage with Mike Shay, adding, “At the time at the wedding, it wasn’t about me; it was about them. So everything I was feeling and going through, I didn’t want to address, so I just pretended like everything was fine.”

She has revealed that she noticed how she and Mike Shay were growing apart during the summer wedding between Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz. At the time, she didn’t think too much about it as she had gone through stress herself. But it sounds like Mike may have been struggling. His estranged wife also opened up about how the cast members from Vanderpump Rules had reached out to Mike after the divorce hit the web.

“I know both of the Toms have reached out to Shay. Jax [Taylor] has always been more of my friend, so he’s pissed at him because Jax knows all of the little details that have gone on, which will be revealed later in the season. But this whole group was always more of my friends than his. Shay is more of a homebody, like he has his Covina crew and his friends he went to high school with and grew up with and that’s always been more of his support system,” Scheana has revealed to Bravo about Mike Shay’s friendships.

What do you think of Mike Shay’s decision to retweet a message that read that he is too good for the Vanderpump Rules crew?

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