Why Donald Trump’s Attack On Judge Robart Is So Troubling [Opinion]

The United States has just cause to fear Donald Trump, especially as he has so little regard for the Constitution or the checks and balances of the American government, as was blatantly shown after he attacked the federal judge James Robart for doing his job, calling him a “so-called judge” on Twitter.

When Judge Robart blocked Donald Trump’s extremely controversial travel ban executive order, Donald Trump once again dictated a series of posts to his Twitter account, this time mocking the fact that a federal judge would dare to question his judgment, and making himself sound like he was Nero rather than the president of the United States.

“The opinion of this so-called judge, which essentially takes law enforcement away from our country, is ridiculous and will be overturned!”

Donald Trump holds up a gift in the Oval Office on February 7, 2017.
Donald Trump holds up a gift in the Oval Office on February 7, 2017. [Image by Pool/Getty Images]

Donald Trump has also lashed out at Judge Robart, saying, “What is our country coming to when a judge can halt a Homeland Security travel ban and anyone, even with bad intentions, can come into U.S.”

Trump seemed to be invoking Lady Caroline Lamb, who famously referred to Lord Byron as “mad, bad and dangerous to know,” when he talked about the bad and dangerous people who could come flooding into the United States since the travel ban was lifted. However, anything Donald Trump doesn’t like is “bad,” just like the “bad hombres” south of the border he loves to fret so much about. In fact, “bad” may be Trump’s most-used word, second only to “tremendous.”

Speaking of danger, when Donald Trump enacted the travel ban that was meant to stop anybody from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, and Yemen from entering the US for 120 days, regardless of the visa they held, he didn’t really do much to stop the pretend terror that lurks within these seven countries.

But there wasn’t very much to worry about anyway. The Atlantic reports that his posturing was merely for show as there have been no immigrants from Iran, for instance, who have carried out any attacks that have been on U.S. soil in the years 1975 to 2015.

All the travel ban really did was to stop rather a lot of scientists trying to get back to America. It stopped people who had green cards and already lived in the United States. And it even stopped people who lived in the UK who were flying home from another country, if the United States was just one of the countries they happened to fly through.

So Donald Trump merely inconvenienced a ton of people while he strove to take away their civil liberties, but bad and dangerous people? Well, Donald is still here, so the plan didn’t work that well, really.

However, thankfully Judge Robart blocked Trump’s executive order. But it is rather troubling that a president actually feels that judges should not do their jobs and that the president should act as dictator, seeking to deliberately provoke the judge and anybody who dares to agree with him.

As the University of Pittsburgh Law Professor Arthur Hellman said in an interview with NBC News, there is a lot of concern that Trump’s comments about Judge Robart will influence others who don’t understand the legal system in the United States.

“The concern is that repeated attacks on individual judges could diminish the confidence that people have that judges are ruling on cases in accordance with the law. You can disagree with a judge’s conclusion, but judges reach their conclusions based on the arguments from both sides. To personalize it and make it seem like the judge is doing it for no good reason is troubling.”

Professor Hellman also stated that Donald Trump does not seem to understand anything about judicial function, particularly after criticizing Judge Robart.

Demonstrators thank federal judge James Robart at LAX on February 4, 2017.
Demonstrators thank federal judge James Robart at LAX on February 4, 2017. [Image by Reed Saxon/AP Images]

“My sense is this is a president who lashes out at people. He is extraordinarily thin-skinned, and he personalizes everything. I really hate to say this about a president, but he doesn’t seem to understand judicial function. He portrays judges as acting on their personal instincts and desires instead of the law.”

Of course, Trump would disagree with this. He disagrees with anyone who doesn’t side with him 100% and really could only be happy if he were a dictator with automatons for citizens. And all of the major news networks including CNN, NBC and ABC are all conspiring against him and are “fake news” in his mind.

It is good that we have federal judges with courage, like Judge Robart, but what will happen to the United States with a president like Donald Trump who has no real intention of heeding the checks and balances that make this country?

[Featured Image by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]