‘General Hospital’ Speculation: More ABC Soap Alums Headed To Port Charles

General Hospital is getting a One Life to Live transplant very soon. This has been talked about a lot in recent weeks, with ABC getting the rights back to the two soaps that were canceled several years ago. In fact, a few of the actors on the show actually came from One Life to Live as their original characters, but their identities had to be changed due to the legal issues. This situation has caused a lot of mixed emotions among General Hospital fans, with many of them upset with the cast additions because of all of the current actors that aren’t being used.

Last week, General Hospital fans waited late into the evening to find out about a big announcement that Frank Valentini was teasing. It turned out that Hillary B. Smith was returning to the soap world and would be bringing her beloved One Life to Live character with her. We Love Soaps confirmed that Nora Buchanan would be arriving in Port Charles and would be facing off in the courtroom once again. There is some speculation that she will be paired opposite Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) or Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). The addition of Smith’s character has ruffled some feathers while other General Hospital fans are thrilled to see someone they loved from another soap join the current cast.

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There is some speculation that more characters will be following Nora Buchanan to General Hospital. This has really started a debate about budgeting and using the actors that are already on the payroll. While it is great news that the rights from One Life to Live and All My Children have reverted back to ABC, there isn’t a need to cram General Hospital with those characters. Social media has been on fire with comments from upset viewers, but there are some that are happy about the changes and have mentioned a few of their favorites coming to Port Charles.

Rumors have been floating around that General Hospital may get a new doctor or two from All My Children, although no specifics have been given. If the writers intend to bring the focus back to the hospital, adding more staff is an absolute must. Several fans have complained about the lack of focus on the actual hospital, and the show being more centered around the mob. The new writers promised more for General Hospital fans, and so far, things haven’t panned out to make the majority happy. This is all just speculation at the moment, and nothing has been confirmed.

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With all of the possibilities of characters being resurrected and moved to Port Charles, there are a lot of opinions. General Hospital has a pretty big cast right now and adding Hillary B. Smith was enough to send some fans into a spiral of anger. Unfortunately, there haven’t been many details surrounding the length of her stay. It has not been revealed if she signed a contract or if she will be a recurring character. Because of the way the announcement was released, there is speculation that Smith was added to hype up ratings for the sweeps. The November sweeps had several complaints from General Hospital fans, and February sweeps are very important when it comes to renewal.

As of now, General Hospital spoilers have not confirmed more characters headed to Port Charles, but rumors are swirling hard. With all of the casting options that the writers have available, fans have been pushing for better storylines with some of the actors who aren’t shown as much. Hillary B. Smith will be a fine addition to General Hospital, but many hope she is the only one that will be reprising a role from a show that was canceled years ago.

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