Katy Perry’s Eponymous Shoe Line Is ‘Purrfect’ For Katy Cats

katy perry eponymous shoe line

Katy Perry is set to take over 2017. After it was confirmed by Billboard that the “Rise” singer will be performing at this year’s Grammy Awards, the pop star is opening up about her new eponymous shoe line. It’s everything wild and wacky that you would expect from the singer.

According to Forbes, Katy Perry’s shoe line was just announced in mid-2016, and the singer revealed that it’s been something she’s been working on for almost a decade. Now that Perry has finally got it right, she wants to share it with the rest of the world. The songstress just unveiled some of her colorful designs, and both her fans and the fashion world have already been talking about, adds the report.

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Perry just graced the cover of Footwear News, where she described her shoe line in great detail, calling the shoes she created “vibrant, expressive, and defining,” which fits her fun and eclectic brand. Some major online retailers have already signed on, with Amazon and Zappos being the first of two companies to feature Perry’s shoe line. Brick-and-mortar stores like Macy’s and Lord & Taylor will also carry the line.

katy perry shoes

Don’t worry. This pop star’s shoes are affordable, with prices ranging from $59 up to $299 each pair, it seems like every Katy Cat can afford them. This line proves that not only will Perry’s fans want them, but so will the fashion industry.

“Everybody has more important things to spend their money on – whether it’s their children, or their family or their health. At the end of the day, your personality shouldn’t be so expensive to display,” she told Footwear News.

On the cover of the magazine, Perry is seen rocking a silk leopard print belted dress as she holds her shoes in each hand. In the cover story, she explained her journey into becoming a shoe designer, reports Billboard.

“[Footwear] was a part of me that needed to be carefully created and developed, and I had to weigh a lot of my options. I want to learn a lot, master it and become a serious contributor in the fashion world.”

When it came to her shoe line, she partnered up with fashion and entertainment management company Global Brands Group and Johnny Wujek when it came to getting her creative direction across. Perry said that she wanted the line to portray her fun fashion sense, which includes bunny-faced flats, mules with Cuban cigar-shaped heels, and emoji faces, all of which were inspired by her global travels. There are also shoes in the line that’s influenced by Perry’s love of all things outer space, which will make you feel like you’re in her “E.T.” music video.

Last month, the international pop star revealed how her shoes will quickly become a conversation starter at work or at parties. Perry’s shoes are perfect for adding a pop or color to a neutral suit or adding contrast to another bold pattern.

“I swear I started so many conversations because of the shoes. I had to get them resoled several times – and I didn’t have the money for it,” she recalled the days when she was a teenager and the early years of her career when money wasn’t abundant.

katy perry fashion sense

While Perry works on a new album, she’s hoping that her shoe line will help her resonate with her diverse fan base.

“Here’s the thing: When I’m working or promoting music, or onstage, I don’t get the opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation or meet everybody individually,” Perry said. “So the way I present myself can set the tone. It could be a conversation opener, just by my shoes or by the way I wear my nails – it could be [my form of] hello.”

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Footwear News hinted that this is just the beginning of Perry’s venture in fashion and beauty. She also has a line of fragrances, an eponymous makeup collection with Cover Girl, false eyelashes, nail polishes, and more.

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