Seth Rollins Injury May Turn Out To Be More Severe Than Was Previously Expected.

WWE has been in a dilemma since Seth Rollins’ injury two weeks ago. The wrestler suffered a knee injury at the hands of Samoa Joe who came in to assist Triple H. It has been speculated that the new injury might put Rollins out of action for at least four to six months, but now the time has reportedly been reduced to anywhere from six to eight weeks. This means that Seth Rollins, or the Architect as he is known, might recover and get back in shape for WrestleMania, where he is expected to face Triple H and finish a storyline that has been in development for the past two years.

According to Dave Meltzer, a renowned wrestling observer, Seth Rollins is very likely to recover before WrestleMania commences and to take part in it with full potential. This is why officials have planned that the rivalry between Rollins and Triple H should follow a normal course after the former has recovered from his knee injury.

According to a statement Rollins gave on Monday, he remarked that he will not surrender at any cost. However, he did not mention whether his injury would compel him to undergo a surgical treatment or not.

Seth Rollins injury

The official statement said, “I wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has contacted me in the last two days. Life is not always what you want, but that is no excuse to surrender. In any case, there are obstacles that help us to grow and evolve. This new injury on my operated knee is real and a lot is in the air now. But one thing remains constant: my determination.” Rollins stated. “This does not stop for me until I have claimed the throne, fight and defeat Triple H is the only way. I will work harder than ever and push myself further. The only way to use the crown is to kill the king. I know what needs to be done and there is nothing that can stop me.” he added

Seth Rollins’ injury still leaves a significant margin for speculation regarding the matter. There’s no certainty concerning Rollins’ injury and even though observers have made various interpretations, there is no telling when he might make his return. It seems that even Rollins isn’t yet aware of the severity of his injury, which is exactly why he hasn’t made any official statements stating his return just yet.

No matter how many speculations take place or what theories people come up with, Rollins’ injury is still clouded with uncertainty. However, the good news is that WWE has promised that it will soon be informing its fans regarding Seth by providing further information related to his knee injury.

Seth Rollins injury 2017

PW Insider has recently confirmed that Seth Rollins traveled to Birmingham, Alabama, in the last 24 hours. Seth had to be re-visited by Dr. James Andrewsit. It seems that Seth’s injury is more serious than was thought at first. It’s not completely certain, but Rollins’ injury may be severe given the fact that he broke his anterior cruciate ligament, tibial collateral ligament and the medial meniscus of his knee back in 2015. The former WWE champion traveled to Birmingham for the first time on Tuesday and was subsequently retired from the weekend’s live events. WWE’s creative team has agreed upon the fight between Seth Rollins and Triple H at Wrestlemania, but following Rollins’ injury, these plans could change drastically.