‘TimeSplitters Rewind’ Trailer Revealed: Prequel Or A Remastered Collection?

The TimeSplitters Rewind release date window has been revealed in a trailer, which hints at very little else. Fan-created Cinder Interactive could easily be releasing remastered versions of the existing trilogy or possibly a new entry.

Square Enix, who have seemingly taken a non-RPG direction with Marvel Comics in the next few years, has seemingly handed developing duties over to a group of determined fans. That said, we can only hope that TimeSplitters Rewind doesn’t suffer a similar fate to that of Prototype and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

The trailer is literally almost nothing more than a field of shattered crystals floating in darkness while music and garbled voices play in the background. Toward the end, we finally hear the distinct voice of Captain Ash, one of the recurring characters in the series usually seen sporting a very Old West look, complete with brown jacket and a mighty mustache.

The series is known for being one of few featuring a wide variety of characters to choose from, each with their own reasons to take on the mutated threats the game is named after. Among those characters were Badass Cyborg, Duckman Drake, and often joke characters thrown in like zombies, a bear, a gingerbread man, and one of the most loved additions in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, a monkey. With so many playable choices, the replayability was almost unbeatable.

'Saints Row 4' had a similar self-referential humor to 'TimeSplitters.'
'Saints Row 4' had a similar self-referential humor to 'TimeSplitters.' [Image by Deep Silver/Volition]

As the usual cast of characters would indicate, the series had no problem poking fun at itself, much like Saints Row IV. Unfortunately for that title, many fans of the franchise had hoped it would remain more realistic and compete more closely with Grand Theft Auto.

One major problem with the TimeSplitters Rewind release date of 2018 (now 2017) is that it’s over a decade after it was originally teased, according to Game Rant. Another major franchise that had a sequel in development that long saw the eventual release become a huge mess which very few gamers actually enjoyed. Duke Nukem Forever had released with grossly sub-par graphics and literal toilet humor (you could actually take a dookie out of a toilet bowl and throw it), making it the biggest disappointment since Turok Evolution.

'Turok Evolution' was a disappointment for fans of the series.
'Turok: Evolution' was a disappointment for fans of the series. [Image by Acclaim]

Probably the greatest part about previous titles was the fact that multiplayer games could be as ridiculous as the gamers wanted them to be. At any given time, you could see a monkey pop out of a building and take out a mutant with a headshot. With competitive multiplayer scenarios now locked behind a paywall, even on the same console, this could also dim the enjoyment of the upcoming release. However, the trade-off is getting the visuals in glorious up-to-1080p during multiplayer sessions.

One actually possible downside is the potential lack of an Xbox One release, due to Microsoft’s tendency to charge large fees and take their time to approve DLC and patches. The game should still hit PlayStation 4 and PC.

Again, very little is known about TimeSplitters Rewind. It could be a brand new prequel to the series or a remastered port of the last three titles. It’s probably too early to tell, and the fan-built studio may have simply dropped the trailer before they’d been ready to actually show anything. It may have been better if they’d simply dropped an announcement on Twitter or waited until they actually had some footage, according to feedback on Polygon. Cinder Interactive has a blog you can visit to see actual updates and pictures of rendered weapons, characters, and such, including an embedded video which the YouTube channel owner later decided to make private.

The video released by Cinder Interactive has been called little more than an almost three-minute screen saver, though it might actually be the menu background for the game itself. Either way, the trailer reveals almost nothing.

Are you excited for the TimeSplitters Rewind release date in 2017, or did the lack of any real information in the trailer turn you off?

[Featured Image by Square Enix]