UFO Transported On Flatbed Truck To Wright-Patterson Air Force Base? [Video]

Flying saucer UFO transported on a flatbed truck

A witness recently submitted a report to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), claiming that he saw a flatbed truck escorted by police cars, transporting a saucer-shaped object that looked like a flying saucer UFO. According to the report submitted to NUFORC on February 2, 2017, the truck and police escort were spotted at night, at about 10:15 p.m. on February 1, 2017, on I-44 near Fort Leonard Wood area of Central Missouri, only a few hours drive from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) via I-44 E and I-70 E.

The report has sparked claims that the authorities were transporting a newly-acquired piece of alien technology to WPAFB. WPAFB is believed to be one of several military bases in the country where the authorities store alien UFOs recovered from crash sites in top-secret climate-controlled hangars.

The witness, a truck driver, told NUFORC that he was driving north on I-44, about 15 miles north of Fort Leonard Wood, when, at about 10:15 p.m., he saw a convoy of police cars spaced out over a mile around a flatbed truck. The police cars were traveling ahead and behind the truck to keep traffic away.

“I noticed more police cars with lights keeping traffic held back in the distance about another mile and a semi with flatbed was in the center.”

He watched as the law enforcement escort passed, and as the semi truck in the middle of the convoy approached, he noticed that it was carrying a saucer-shaped object. The saucer-shaped object, according to the witness, had a classic flying saucer UFO shape, with a wide body that tapered to very thin edges. It looked like a flying saucer UFO, according to the witness, but it had no visible cockpit, windows, or distinctive markings.

“I passed within a hundred or so feet of the semi going in the opposite direction,” the truck driver wrote in the report submitted to NUFORC. “The semi was moving at a moderate speed and the area was somewhat illuminated and my 16-foot Penske truck was elevated so I had a clear view.”

“It [the saucer-shaped object] was dull metallic gray, with thick short legs coming from the center bottom like fence posts, and a thick central body tapering to very thin edges,” he added.

“[The saucer-shaped object] encompassed the whole trailer and was hanging over the edges with no cockpit or windows or markings.”

The witness wanted to know whether NUFORC had received reports of the semi truck and police escort from other sources. He also wondered whether the mysterious saucer-shaped object could have been a man-made craft.

Peter Davenport, NUFORC director, responded, saying it was not the first time that the organization had received a report about a flying saucer UFO being transported on a flatbed truck on an interstate road.

Davenport said that another truck driver had submitted a similar report to NUFORC in April 2015. The driver claimed that he sighted a truck transporting a “triangle-shaped UFO” on January 15, 2015, in Lordsburg, New Mexico. The truck was also escorted by police cars. The 2015 report had included an illustration showing a saucer or triangle-shaped object that was similar but not identical to the object in the latest sighting.

According to Davenport, the mysterious saucer-shaped objects were likely USAF space vehicles (see video below). However, it was uncertain whether Davenport meant to say that they were USAF crafts reverse-engineered from alien technology.

“We have heard about that object before, and we believe that it is some kind of space vehicle, used by the US Air Force.”

UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott Waring claimed that he stumbled upon a video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, February 5, that appeared to show the latest sighting on I-44 in Central Missouri (see video above).

The video shows a saucer-shaped object on the back of a truck with police cars blaring sirens in front and behind the truck.

However, some viewers insisted that the video was actually taken about a year ago and was not linked to the latest report to NUFORC. But Waring insisted in a comment posted to YouTube that it was a new video.

“There are two reports of this craft being hauled on a trailer,” Waring wrote in a recent post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog. “One of [the two reports] also has a video, and says it’s probably headed to Area 51. As you can see, this is an all new video of a disk being carried by military personal with a police escort.”

“The disk is huge, about ten meters across and stands on three legs. These two reports back up each other and are proof it occurred.”

Andries Riphagen, the YouTube user who uploaded the video, claimed that the truck was spotted at a place near Area 51, the top-secret USAF facility in the Nevada desert.

The claim that the video was taken near Area 51 appeared to contradict the earlier claim that the latest sighting occurred on I-44 near WPAFB. But some observers noted that the truck and police escort might have been transporting the saucer-shaped craft from WPAFB to Area 51 in Nevada or vice versa.

Waring argued that the military transported the UFO on a truck and did not simply fly it to Area 51 or WPAFB because it was a newly-acquired piece of advanced alien technology. Thus, it would take some time for government engineers and pilots to study the machine and learn how to fly it.

“The last thing the USAF wants is a UFO crash in the middle of some city because a pilot thought he could handle it, but was wrong.”

The report is the latest in a series of claimed sightings of flatbed trucks transporting saucer-shaped objects believed to be flying saucer UFO crafts on interstate roads near top-secret USAF bases, such as Area 51 in Nevada desert and the WPAFB.

[Featured Image by Marco Bicci/Shutterstock]