Donald Trump’s Recent Comment On Barron May Explain A Lot [Opinion]

Donald Trump said something about Barron Trump in a recent interview that opened a window. This could possibly explain some of what the public sees regarding the five Trump children. For one thing it offered a glimpse into his parenting skills. While Melania is credited for doing most of the hands-on parenting when it comes to Barron, Donald Trump’s philosophy may have had some influence over Barron and the rest of the Trump brood.

With football on everyone’s mind this last week around the Super Bowl, Trump was asked a lot of football questions. During an interview with Jim Gray on Westwood One Radio before the big game on Sunday, Trump was asked a tough question for any parent to answer. He was asked if he would let Barron or any of his grandchildren play football, reports Breitbart News.

With all that is known today about head injuries, this isn’t a question that many parents would answer “yes” to without first hesitating. Barack Obama was asked during his years in the White House, if he had a son would he allow him to play football? His answer was the opposite of what Donald Trump had to say. While Obama’s answer was hypothetical, he did say that he would probably not allow a son of his to play the game.

Donald Trump said that he would allow Barron to play football, as well as his grandchildren. He would only if this is something they wanted to do. Trump also added that they would have to be very careful. The president then offered up how he had his time with the game of football long ago, playing “at a certain level.”

What football taught him was learning how to “compete and win,” which Trump is well acquainted with when he applies the “compete and win” strategies to his own life. President Trump did say that he was aware that many parents today are keeping their kids out of the game of football.

Trump explained that when it came to playing football, this was a decision he was willing to let the kids make for themselves. Another thought on the game of football for Trump was that he “appreciated the toughness of the sport.” Like anything else you do in life, if you can take away something good from your experience and use it in real life, then it was worth it.

All of Trump’s children are quite accomplished, starting with Barron Trump and going all up the ladder to Donald Jr., his oldest child. This wasn’t a task the kids did on their own without some parental direction. Yes, there were moms in the picture and they probably did more of the hands-on parenting than the very busy Donald Trump, who was out making billions for his family business.

Trump’s idea of letting the kids make their decision speaks to his confidence that he did his job of bestowing the skills they need to make the correct decisions on their own. It also speaks volumes as to how his adult children have come so far in their business careers. Yes, Donald Trump’s wealth allowed his children to step into roles of CEOs and top business spots, but without skills, they would have imploded in their roles long ago.

With Trump being confident enough to let Barron Trump play football, this seems to indicate he has trust in what he and Melania have taught him, which is enough to make the right decisions. Whether that be in school with peers or on a field playing a contact sport, he trusts that Barron will know how to make the decisions he needs to make when they are put before him.

While the nation is often split on their feelings for President Trump, there seems to be one thing most people agree upon. He has done a superb job at raising the Trump children.

Barron is still only 10, but he looks and acts older than his years, which seems to indicate he is mature beyond his years. While the nation will tune in to watch Barron grow up every chance they get, there’s already plenty of evidence that he too will become one of the overachievers in the Trump family when he is an adult. This will probably be the case whether Barron decides to play football or not.

While Donald Trump is fine with Barron playing football one day, it is not known how Melania feels about the subject. During the inauguration festivities, Melania was pictured doting on her only child like a proud mother. How would she feel about Barron taking part in contact sports?

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