Netflix Codes: How To Use & Unlock Hidden Categories

Netflix codes refer to a "secret" way in which Netflix subscribers can unlock hidden categories or genres to more easily find what they want to watch.

On the Netflix dashboard, you'll usually see categories such as Trending, New Releases, Popular, as well as ones that say "Because you watched" followed by suggestions based on a movie or show you watched on Netflix in the past. Categories like Crime, Family, and Horror may also be present on the dashboard, but it's not guaranteed. If you wish to browse a more specific genre, like Western Romance, you're pretty much out of luck, unless there's one in particular you're gunning (pun not intended) for, as then you can search for it by name.

Watch good movies with Netflix codes
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According to the Atlantic, Netflix offers close to 77,000 sub-categories, which means there has to be something for everyone, but it wasn't always easy for subscribers to find what they were looking for. That's where Netflix codes come in.

Netflix codes came into being thanks to the people behind a website called What's On Netflix, who back in February of 2015 sought to correct a problem with the streaming service. A complaint they had heard a lot of from Netflix subscribers was that it took to long to find something to watch, so they launched Netflix codes, or what they dubbed the "Netflix ID Bible," a system that does the hard work for you. All a user has to do is plug in a number or Netflix code into the Netflix search box. Every code, which is four or five digits long, takes the user to a specific category.

Now, instead of having to look up which code to use to unlock Netflix's sub-categories, there are numerous websites that have done the work of turning the codes into the categories they represent, so all a user has to do is scroll down until they find their desired genre and click to see what their options are. You don't have to visit these sites to use Netflix codes, however, as the manual method of plugging in the numerical code into the search box works just fine.

More Netflix Tips

Now that you know all about Netflix codes, what else can you do to get the most out of your Netflix subscription?

Even though Netflix codes improves the user experience by providing you with what you're interested in watching, it can still be overwhelming and there are times when maybe you're not in the mood to browse. If you're feeling adventurous or just want an alternate way to filter Netflix content, Flix Roulette can narrow down selections based on people, places, and things.

If you're watching Netflix on your computer, these keyboard shortcuts will may help make your experience more enjoyable.

Netflix on computer tablet
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In order to get a better idea of how good a certain movie or show is, the Netflix Enhancement Suite adds Rotten Tomato and IMDb ratings to the ratings by Netflix users.

Take command of your My List content by installing Netflix Queue Sorter, which gives you the ability to organize your saved movies and shows however is best for you.

If you're seeking the opinions of others, social media is a great place to find the hidden gems of Netflix. According to Thrillist, the users of Reddit in particular are helpful at distinguishing the good from the bad.

Netflix codes, as well as the other helpful hacks discussed here, will make your Netflix experience all the more joyful for you and your family. Entertaining oneself shouldn't come with added stresses, so hopefully, next time you turn on the streaming service, as Netflix codes intend, it will be easier than ever to pick a title that suits you.

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