‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly And Jason Finally Get A Clue

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Everyone seems to be getting a clue on ABC’s General Hospital, but the question remains on how soon they will figure things out. There are several mysteries going on right now, and fans are eagerly waiting to see how they all play out.

Nelle is out for blood, Olivia Jerome is back in Port Charles and set on revenge, and Hayden has no idea at this point that her new guy is an addict. The first one who will get a clue is Carly Corinthos. According to General Hospital spoilers put out by SoapHub, she will finally run upon something, and this could be the beginning of her finally questioning what is going on between Sonny and her trusty assistant, Nelle Hayes.

Carly and Sonny have had a rough patch once again in their marriage ever since Morgan supposedly died in the car explosion. Now that they are getting closer to reconciling, there is Nelle who is out to destroy Carly. Viewers still have no idea exactly who this girl is, but there has been considerable speculation about her identity, and from the hints that have been given recently on General Hospital, it looks as if she could be Carly’s step-sister. Of course, that has not been confirmed just yet.

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However, Nelle is making Carly pay for whatever reason, and she will leave a clue in Sonny’s bedroom for Carly to find. On Monday’s episode, Nelle had a sexy bra in her hand ready to plant the lingerie somewhere to lead her boss to believe that her husband is having an affair. Will this clue finally lead Carly to lose her trust for Nelle Hayes?

Then there is Olivia Jerome, who everyone just loves to hate. She has made her way back to Port Charles to make brother Julian pay for trying to kill her back in the day. That may not be the only reason that she is back. She wants to take control of General Hospital for some reason, and Julian has agreed to help her get what she wants.

It also looks like Liv may have some answers when it comes to Morgan’s death. Soaps She Knows has hinted that she will be connected to the reveal of this mystery. Jason and Curtis are heavily involved in finding out who actually killed Morgan, and they finally got a clue on Monday that may lead them closer to the reveal. Olivia Jerome’s blond hair was spotted when she was talking to her brother. When Julian mentioned living in fear of his sister, Jason and Curtis wonder what the heck is going on.

There are two clues set before them right now. Of course, Julian’s other sister, Ava, has blond hair as well. Will they presume to think that he is meeting with Ava or could Jason recognize that this is not Ava in that Chinese restaurant and realize that the other sister is Olivia Jerome?

Hayden and Finn’s relationship has just begun, but there could be trouble down the road for them. Finn’s drug addiction is an issue that only Brad knows about. Hayden has no clue what her new boyfriend’s real problem is. Unfortunately, Brad is blackmailing the doc into spilling the truth, which would ruin his career at General Hospital, and possibly end his relationship with Hayden. Brad will act ob his threats if Finn doesn’t give him what he wants.

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Hayden has no idea what is going on, but spoilers say that she will eventually find out and may cause a rift between them. Will Brad spill the truth to her or will she get a clue on her own that her guy is in serious trouble?

There are clues all over the place on General Hospital, and things are about to explode soon. Carly will soon realize that Nelle is up to no good and hopefully viewers will eventually find out exactly why Olivia Jerome wants to get control of the hospital so badly.

How do you think all of these stories will play out? Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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