‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Up To 3M Instagram Fans, Talks New Plane Fight In Video

The “Cash Me Outside” or “Cash Me Ousside” girl — real name Danielle Peskowitz Bregoli — is back in the news, explaining a fight that didn’t “cash her outside,” but on an airplane prior to Danielle’s aired return to the Dr. Phil Show on Friday, February 10. As reported by the Inquisitr, the “Cash Me Outside – Howboutdah?” girl rose to fame when Danielle appeared on Dr. Phil McGraw’s show about the 13-year-old out-of-control girl who needed help. When Dr. Phil’s audience began laughing at Danielle’s interesting manner of speaking, Bregoli said, “Catch me outside. How ’bout that?” to the audience, with Danielle tempting the audience to a fight outside. However, Danielle’s “Catch me outside. How ’bout that?” sounded more phonetically like “Cash me outside. Howboutdah?” and a popular meme was born.


As reported by the Daily Beast, the “Cash Me Outside” girl got in trouble and was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight after a fight with a different passenger on the plane. TMZ noted that Danielle was with her mother as they got onboard the Spirit Airlines flight on Monday evening, leaving Los Angeles. Danielle’s mother was wearing a cast, which caused her to walk slowly, but a different passenger believed the “Cash Me Outside” girl’s mom wasn’t boarding the plane quickly enough when the woman struggled with putting her carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment.

The “Cash Me Outside” girl claimed that she was defending her mother when the other woman allegedly “put her hands on her mom” and a melee ensued. The “Cash Me Outside” girl was the subject of a citizen’s arrest, and all three women were removed from the airplane. Spirit Airlines also banned the threesome of females for the rest of their lives.


Meanwhile, Danielle has turned to her very popular Instagram account to explain her side of the story. Not named “Cash Me Outside” but “bhadbhabie,” the Instagram account enjoys 3 million followers, with only 95 Instagram accounts being followed by the 13-year-old “Slimthugga” on Instagram. Danielle used a pillow to represent the woman in the middle of the melee, with Bregoli admitting she “hit her one time” after Danielle’s mom “put her hands on her throat and pushed her back.”

Warning: The following video from the “Cash Me Outside” girl contains language that might be disturbing.

According to the Dr. Phil website, the “Cash Me Ousside How Bow Dah” girl returns to the show on Friday.

Danielle’s original appearance on Dr. Phil took place in September. Since that time, the “Cash Me Outside” girl has turned into one of the biggest memes on the world wide web. With the “Cash Me Outside” girl returning to Dr. Phil’s stage on Friday, February 10, viewers will be updated as to Danielle’s status.

Videos like the below one, titled “CASH ME OUSSIDE’ GIRL GOES HOLLYWOOD Threatens to Fight Paparazzi Hoard | TMZ,” shows that the “Cash Me Ousside” girl laughed and joked about punching photographers following her in Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, the 13-year-old “Cash Me Outside” girl is getting plenty of reactions on Instagram. Some of those comments can be read below.

revszz: “She’s 13? I’m 13 and I’m looking like 10. I thought you’re 18. Lol (love your hair btw)”

minetf: “I don’t understand how a TV show that was supposed to discipline you..made you famous.”

_doronm: “[At] 13 we were dancing to Soulja boy and going skating at 13 not acting like this.”

ayee.aneisha: “It didn’t make her famous the Internet did.”

joc9908: “I’m not trying to start a fight but…….What good role models do we have now in the generation that shows u education is awesome that learning is cool. Have u ever heard the saying birds of a feather flock together? She doesn’t have good friends and that’s what led her here. Why are u following her if ur just gonna drop hate? She was telling a funny story that’s it.”

[Featured Image by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]