Brad Pitt: Star’s ‘World War Z’ Sequel Pulled, Personal Drama To Blame?

Paramount pulls World War Z sequel

As Brad Pitt continues on with his custody battle for his six children and divorce proceedings from his estranged star wife Angelina Jolie, more bad news has been revealed, except this bit of information involves his work.

The film World War Z hit theaters back in 2013 within which Pitt starred as the lead character Jerry Lane, and the zombie flick was met with such praise that Paramount signed on for a sequel almost immediately. The film was one of Pitt’s biggest successes at the box office, grossing over half a billion in sales.

Unfortunately, the project has taken much longer than expect to get off the ground, with Pitt producer and responsible for the script, the film is still in the script-writing phase. The Daily Mail relays details regarding the sequel.

“…the project, being produced through the actor’s Plan B Productions, stalled at the script stage and while Pitt was committed to return in the leading role of Gerry Lane, there was no word of any other casting decisions. Back last summer, Pitt had indicated he was trying to get his Fight Club director David Fincher to sign on to helm the sequel.”

Multiple individuals that Pitt has brought on have worked on the script, including Steven Knight, who also wrote the script for Pitt’s most recent film released, Allied, a World War II drama. Dennis Kelly was also brought on board to add to the script and do a rewrite of what Knight had managed to produce.

Pitt’s personal life has obviously been riddled with drama off the screen which has likely led to a lack of focus on the film that has now been pulled by Paramount from the June scheduled release date. The fact that the studio has yet to offer an alternative release date is a bad sign and means that the film will not hit screens anytime in the near future, if at all.

Currently, it’s clear that the Hollywood heavy hitter is focused more on his family situation, which is easily understood after Jolie announced on September 19, 2016, that she was not only filing for divorce but also seeking full physical custody of their six children. An FBI investigation then ensued against Pitt for child abuse, for which he was later cleared, yet would have taken a toll on the actor.

Pitt is now only set to star in one movie which is a satyr entitled War Machine. In the film, he plays General Stanley A McChrystal and the movie has yet to receive a release date despite speculation that it may open within 2017.

To add more stress to the lives of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, filmmaker Ian Halperin has recently announced that both stars, who seem to be on a bit of a break from intentionally starring in films, will unintentionally be the leads and subject of his tell-all documentary about what went wrong in the A-list couple’s relationship. Halperin has claimed that he has never-before-seen footage of the pair, prior to their split, but assures that both stars were at fault for the demise of the marriage, which he also claims was over a year prior to Jolie’s announcement in September.

The Wrap recently verified that the filmmaker is going ahead with the tell-all about the famous former couple.

“According to The Sun, one of the biggest bombshells in the documentary will be that the famous couple had been estranged for more than a year before they announced their divorce in September. Halperin retweeted The Sun’s story on Thursday and told The Wrap that the report that he is working on the documentary is accurate. “

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