Kailyn Lowry Relationship: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Wants To Run From Her Problems

Kailyn Lowry Relationship

Kailyn Lowry has faced plenty of backlash over the past couple of days based on her behavior on Teen Mom 2. Even though Kailyn knew that Javi Marroquin would be returning home from his deployment overseas, she didn’t seem excited about his return. Of course, the two of them were going through a divorce at the time, but she didn’t really show any excitement on behalf of her children or just excitement to know that Javi was doing good after spending so much time in a war zone.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that she wishes she could physically run from her problems the way she metaphorically runs from them. During her time on Teen Mom 2, Kailyn had only been responsible for herself and she told the MTV producers that she wasn’t used to making room for anyone else. However, she got very frustrated when they kept asking about her feelings, and she clearly didn’t like to talk about her personal life anymore. And now, Lowry reveals that she wishes she could run from her problems.

“I wish I could physically run as much as I metaphorically run from my problems lol,” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter, sharing that she knows that she does tend to run from her problems.

love my boys so much ❤️❤️

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And perhaps she’s referring to how she shut down her problems on last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2. When a producer asked her why she didn’t want to talk to Javi Marroquin on a Facetime call, she got angry, saying that she wanted to make her own decisions. And once Javi returned home from his deployment, she lied about being at Walmart. When Marroquin showed up at their marital home as a surprise, she was there with another guy. While she may not want to talk to Javi about her feelings, she could avoid these problems by being honest with him.

“I noticed you do that on the last episode of TM2. Just face them head on! Much easier. Trust me,” one person wrote to Kailyn Lowry, while others speculated, “I think that on the show she avoids talking about things so she can think it through first before being on tv,” and “Don’t quit you have come so far. Success usually comes unexpectedly in moments when we are ready to give up.”

Even though many people have plenty of opinions about Lowry and how she’s handling the situation, she revealed that fans don’t see everything that’s going on. As Kailyn Lowry has previously revealed, she films all the time for months, but fans only see a few minutes per day or per week from her life. And therefore, fans may not understand what she’s going through.

“You will never understand everything in what’s shown in 5-6 mins on tv,” Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter, sharing that fans only see a small amount of footage on Teen Mom 2, considering how much she’s actually filming with the producers.

had so much fun shooting this raising my tribe tee from @little_adi_co today ????????✌???????????? #raisingmytribe

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And she’s right. The seasons are relatively short considering how much these girls film. And since the producers are now involved in the filming, the footage is often about how the girls are reacting to filming rather than documenting their lives. On the other hand, if Kailyn Lowry had been honest about her divorce from the beginning, fans may not have been so critical and curious about her relationship.

“I filed for divorce in December, I have been separated since then. You cannot have a divorce finalized when someone is deployed, but we were separated… Back and forth at times. But we have both seen other people during this time. Were there times we contemplated getting back together? Hell yes. I wanted to keep my family together. At the end of the day, and I can only speak for myself, I did not change my behaviors or my mind on what I wanted/want to do in life. I felt trapped in my own life for a long time,” Kailyn Lowry has revealed on her personal blog about her decision to file for divorce when Javi was overseas.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry’s tweet about wanting to run from her problems? Are you surprised that she wants to avoid the issues in her life?

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