Ed Sheeran Wants Elton John Tattoo On His Bum, Latter Asks To ‘Sit On His Face’

During a quick-fire interview in the segment “Would You Rather with BeBox Music, Ed Sheeran joked that he may well get a tattoo of Elton John’s face on his bum as the latter is always asking him to “sit on his face.”

Nice joke, Ed Sheeran!

The 25-year-old singer sat down with BeBox Music for a surprising game of “Would You Rather” on Monday. One of the questions being asked in the interview was if he’d rather have Elton or Taylor Swift inked on his behind. Ed Sheeran jokingly replied that he’d rather choose Elton as the “Skyline Pigeons” singer is always asking him to “sit on his face” often.

“I reckon Elton’s face cause he’s always asking me to sit on it. He f****** does; I’m not even joking,” he explained.

The flame-haired singer already has more than 60 colorful tattoos on his body. That is indeed one growing collection!

Ed Sheeran isn’t so private when asked about his close friendship with Elton John, 69. They had been friends for a couple of years now, yet he still finds it “weird” to call the legendary singer his friend. So much humility in there, Ed!

Singer Ed Sheeran attends Elton John AIDS Foundation charity event
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“There are lots of pinch-me moments in my career, and I think the way you don’t turn yourself insane is to just roll with them and don’t think about them too much. But obviously, it’s weird being able to call Elton a friend,” he admitted.

Nevertheless, Ed revealed that he made a reference to Elton’s song “Tiny dancer” in his track “Castle on the Hill” because he loves the song and would play it when he is heading home.

He shared, “Well, the ‘Tiny Dancer’ thing is just…I really like Elton’s Madman Across the Water, it’s my favorite Elton album, and I would usually listen to that driving home. But you can’t drive at 90 where I live, it’s impossible; the roads are too [winding].”

As the interview continues, the award-winning singer also made a witty remark when asked if he would rather live in a world made out of Lego. He responded that it “would be constantly hard if you were made out of Lego.” So literally true man!

Sir Elton John performs live on stage
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Ed Sheeran’s recent piece of inking was on his stomach. He spent about seven hours just to get the image of the Sagrada Familia, a famous Catholic Church in Barcelona Spain. Known for its intricate architecture, no wonder the tattoo artist needed that much time just to finish a single body art. Ed admitted that he “passed out while it was being done.”

Ed Sheeran’s comeback with a new album, Divide

Last month, Ed Sheeran unveiled details of this third album, Divide, the first in three years after his hiatus in the music industry. The first new songs, “Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill” were released at 5 a.m. on January 6, bagging the No. 1 and 2 spot of Vodafone Big Top 40 after a few days. That’s how much the people missed Ed’s music style. The release date for the said album will be on March 3. However, pre-orders are now available.

“First off, what a week! The reaction to my new singles has been absolutely mind-blowing and I can’t thank you enough. My new album ÷ holds a very special place in my heart and I really believe this is my best work to date. I’ve been eager to get back and I couldn’t be more excited for March 3,” Ed commented.


We are excited too, but we’re more excited on the thought of him getting a new body art. Like Elton John’s face on his bum for example.

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