Leah Remini: Scientology Would Let Travolta, Cruise Get Away With Murder

Leah Remini arrives at the grand opening of "Jennifer Lopez: All I Have" show

Leah Remini thinks the Church of Scientology caters to star members like John Travolta and Tom Cruise so much either of them could get away with murder in the eyes of fellow members.

“It’s called ethics protection,” she said during a recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience show. “There’s another policy called the responsibility of leaders, which he says that what you gotta do to protect the leader you gotta do it. If you see a body, you gotta clean it up.”

Remini’s sharp rebuke of the religion continues a crusade against the church she began when she left the flock in 2013 after being raised as part of the religion from the time she was a child.

Over the years, many have wondered why the likes of Travolta and Cruise have continued to publicly align themselves with an organization that has been fingered for abhorrent practices by the likes of Remini and others who have left the religion.

The former King of Queens star thinks she knows the answer.

She told Esquire magazine Cruise has an entire staff that caters to his every whim, people who “believe as a Scientologist that you’re working for someone who is single-handedly saving the planet.”

As for Travolta, she added he has a designation of Khakhan, that “basically says you can kill another human being. If you’re Khakhaned, you’re going to look the other way.”

Remini’s criticisms of the church have long left her on the outside looking in with many powerful members and Hollywood stars still associated with the church including Saving Private Ryan actor Giovanni Ribisi, who recently hinted at what part of her motivation could be for her hardline portrayal of the church in the docu-series Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.

“There’s a lot of money behind it,” he said. Ribisi in a recent radio interview. “It’s turned into such a controversy to where you go out, you make a documentary about it. You know, the person who’s doing that is making money off it.”

Radar Online reports Ribisi went on to declare the church “works” for him and recommended that others decide for themselves, finally eliciting a retort from the typically outspoken Remini.

“I feel bad for Vonnie,” she said. “He’s only doing what we were all taught to do.”

Remini previously blasted the church in her memoir Troublemaker and her series has accused high-ranking members of brainwashing and abusing other members over the years.

Esquire reports Remini insists she personally started to have doubts about the church when Cruise was set to wed Katie Holmes in 2006 and she asked why leader David Miscavige’s wife, Shelly, was not among those in attendance.

According to Remini, church leaders were infuriated that she would dare to inquire about such matters. Shelly Miscaviage still has not been seen in public for years.

Remini also contends the church is notorious for cutting people off from all forms of communication with anyone who has ever been critical of the church. The “disconnection” is seen as a way of maintaining control.

As for Remini’s docu-series, A&E has devoted an entire website to the Church of Scientology’s long and passionate responses to each episode of the series that has aired.

Church leaders have also ridiculed Remini as a “has-been actress now a decade removed from the peak of her career” and an “obnoxious, spiteful ex-Scientologist” who “stage managed her departure from the Church of Scientology.”

Remini recently demanded $1.5 million from the church for defamation and has argued if church leaders feel like any part of what she has expressed is not the absolute truth they should take legal action against her instead of waging a personal attack.

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