Gigi Hadid Accused Of Racism After Squinting Video Surfaces

Gigi Hadid alleged of racism

Supermodel Gigi Hadid caused some mayhem on the internet after allegedly acting racist. Her sister Bella Hadid had shared a video of her sister picking up a cookie and placing it close to her eyes and giggling while squinting her eyes. She was seen mocking the cookie and this led to many fans questioning her. The star was seen squinting which is seen as a way to mock East Asians.

Her sister Bella immediately deleted the video after it caused a stir. Unfortunately for them, the video was downloaded and shared. The two were having a meal with their friends at an Asian restaurant.

Gigi Hadid alleged of racism

Many on the internet have said she was simply ignorant about imitating the figure rather than being racist. While others have quickly pointed out that despite the ignorance, it’s still racist and if she was indeed mocking the figure then she is indeed being inappropriate.

Funny enough, fans have been quick to point out to her that she’s dating an Asian. Highlighting that Zayn Malik who is British Pakistani is indeed Asian.

oldie but a goodie .. my handsome ????!! missing you already X

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Not the first time being racist?

The 21-year-old model has received backlash before, especially while modeling. She has been seen rocking an Afro while being very tan. The star was posing for major publication Vogue Italia wearing a blue Afro wig, in which she was called ignorant once again for blatantly appropriating. Although it was quickly pointed out that it wasn’t her who chose the wig but obviously the magazine’s style choice.

The model, who is half Middle Eastern, was in trouble again when she made fun of the first lady last year when she imitated Melania Trump’s accent for a hosting skit on the American Music Awards. While some found it hilarious or harmless, others found it rude and unfair. She copied Melania’s eyes as well as her Slovenian accent while making fun of Melania for allegedly copying former first lady Michelle Obama’s speech.

“I love my husband, President Barack Obama, and our children, Sasha and Malia.”

Gigi Hadid eventually apologized, saying that she felt that the joke took it too far. She insisted that it was in good humor with no bad intent. She continued by saying that she believed that Melania understood showbiz and how it works and that she was sorry to whomever she offended and only had best wishes for America.

Racist Hollywood

Gigi isn’t the only star that has been accused of being racist or appropriating different cultures. The star’s close friend Kendall Jenner as well as her sister Kylie has been accused of appropriating African American culture. The stars have been said to be trendsetters of styles that have been predominantly seen with African Americans for many years.

Kylie was recently being accused of trying to be darker than she actually is for her Madam Tussaud’s wax figure. She told some off those who were accusing her that they were reaching and it wouldn’t be her decision what her final image looks like once it’s complete, eventually calling them idiots.

Gigi Hadid alleged of racism

Other stars accused of racism include Paula Dean, a former Food Network star who was finally caught saying ludicrous words, including how the wait staff are slaves. Chris Rock was accused of being racist when he used Asian children in a skit that used varied stereotypes. Those of which include that Asians are good at math and child labor. The children were dressed as bankers during the show. This was during the #OscarSoWhite, which would either have been a message or a terrible misstep on his part. Either way, instead of taking this opportunity he used the children, and the Oscars had to apologize for the upset that was caused by the skit.

One infamous star that was blatantly rude was Mel Gibson who blamed Jews for varied wars and continued on with using the n-word. The star has been accused of being violent, sexist and racist, which is, of course, very unfortunate, one can only hope that Gigi Hadid was only acting out of ignorance but not out of being intent.

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