Robbie Williams To Attend Take That Reunion In Finale Of ‘Let It Shine’

Robbie Williams To Attend ‘Let It Shine’ Reunion

Robbie Williams is expected to be present at the finale for the BBC talent show, Let It Shine, courtesy of a Take That reunion that was planned by Garry Barlow.

Williams will get to unite with his former Take That bandmates courtesy of Let It Shine. The credit for the idea of reuniting the former bandmates was the brainchild of Barlow who directed the show. His main agenda was to find the ideal singers suited to act in his upcoming musical film called The Band. The motion picture will be about a fictional boy band and it will include the best hit songs by Robbie’s former band.

Robbie Williams To Attend 'Let It Shine' Reunion

“The idea is that it would also set the stage nicely for the musical to follow. Robbie seems very keen to get on board, so things are looking good,” a source disclosed.

The Take That reunion to help boost ratings

Robbie and his former band members are expected to help improve the ratings for Let It Shine. Garry thought that having a mini reunion for the former band would be the perfect way to end the show. Robbie initially made his exit from the band in 1995 but reunited with the rest of the members in 2009 to 2012. The Sun recently reported that the former band members have agreed to attend the reunion, which is good news for their fans. This is because they will most likely get to see them performing together once again.

“Gary wanted to finish off Let It Shine with a bang and he thought a Take That reunion to close the show was the perfect way to achieve it,” an insider revealed.

Garry Did not invite Jason

While Williams is expected to be present for the reunion, unfortunately, there is a huge chance that former Take That band member Jason Orange might not show up. Apparently, Garry did not send out an invitation to Orange because he knew the former band member would refuse to show up. Jason decided to call it quits on his music career including songwriting in 2014 when he left the band. Regardless of his absence, Barlow is still hopeful about the band even with the remaining four members which is why he has been working so hard to make sure that the reunion is successful.

Robbie Williams To Attend 'Let It Shine' Reunion

A lot of excitement has been building up to the event. The rest of the band members, including Mark Owen and Howard Donald, will be joining Robbie and Garry for the Take That reunion which will see them entertaining an audience together one more time. Barlow is also hoping that the reunion of the band, as well as their performance, will be a good buildup to his upcoming musical. Williams seems to like the idea of a reunion with his former crew. An insider revealed that he was very excited about the idea of a reunion which is good news and things seem to be going as planned.

Robbie had previously confessed that he would be very excited about a chance to join the former band members for a reunion tour. The artist also stated that his the band reunion would clash with his upcoming tour. However, he made sure that he marked the band’s 25th anniversary. The artist also talked to The Sun about the tour and the reunion and added that only time would tell whether the two events would collide. Robbie was also asked about his thoughts on whether Jason would return to the band and he replied saying he was not so sure about it. As for the rest of William and his Take That bandmates, the Let It Shine finale will be a great opportunity for them to have another reunion.

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