February 7, 2017
'Chrisley Knows Best' Todd Chrisley Is In Big Trouble In Georgia [UPDATE]

UPDATE: 2/7, 1:36: Though the Chrisley family now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, this does not change the charge of tax fraud in Georgia, and in fact, adds bigger problems, which now include tax fraud in Tennessee. It is unlikely that this will be addressed in the new season of Chrisley Knows Best.

The line between reality television and reality is becoming blurred more and more each day, and just this week, Todd Chrisley of Chrisley Knows Best is in some trouble down in Georgia, and it looks to be the same sort of trouble that Teresa and Joe Giudice of Real Housewives of New Jersey got themselves into. Teresa Giudice has done her time behind bars, and now, Joe is doing his. But the problem Todd and family are now facing comes down to fraud of the income tax variety.

But it seems that the Chrisleys know their way to the courthouse because just last year, Todd Chrisley filed a police report against his former sister in law, Pamela Chrisley, who was trying to extort money from Todd, says the Inquisitr. Pamela Chrisley wanted money from Todd Chrisley, or else she said she would spill some big family secrets. Todd and his immediate family cooperated with the police, and Pamela was taken into custody.

As Tamaratattles tells it, Todd Chrisley filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy back in 2012, when he found himself in $45 million in debt, but only had about $4 million to his name. Part of this was $40 million that he owed a former business partner. The bankruptcy was discharged when the former partner agreed to take $150k. Sounds good, but the problem is, Todd Chrisley still stiffed the friend, and only paid him about half.


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But allegedly, that isn't even the big problem that Chrisley and family are now facing. Chrisley Knows Best started filming in 2014 on USA Network, and the premise of the show is that this southern family with a kooky patriarch is living in Atlanta, controlling his family with a lot of hard won money from big business deals. But the problem is, which Chrisley and family are sharing their peachy Georgia dream with the world, the IRS is under the impression that Todd and family live in Florida.

And why would the IRS think that the Chrisleys live in Florida? Because that is what they have been told. And the reason the Chrisleys want the IRS to think that they live in Florida is because Florida has no state income tax. But now, the case has been blown wide open by a local investigative reporter, and lots of people in the mix, from the bankruptcy trustee to the lawyer who represented Chrisley's creditors are demanding answers.

WSB-TV in Atlanta was the local network that divulged the story of Todd Chrisley and the tax evasion and bankruptcy fraud. Reporter Jodie Fleischer sat down with the Chrisley bankruptcy trustee, Jason Pettie, and asked if he had ever seen a Georgia state tax return filed by Todd Chrisley.

"No. They haven't been filed."
The only state tax returns going back to the time of the bankruptcy are Florida returns, and it seems likely that this is true for the whole family, who are each getting a salary from USA Network. Kevin Ward, the lawyer who represented the Chrisley's creditors is baffled at this brazen behavior by Todd Chrisley.
"I thought it was like bizarro world. Granted, the show is not under oath, but the person I had under oath was just the opposite. He claimed to be destitute, incapable of paying anything."
Another big problem? Todd Chrisley filed for bankruptcy in Florida, using a Florida address, and claiming that it was his main, and only residence. It seems that the address that Chrisley used in Florida was never his residence at all, yet to this day, that is where he files his taxes.
"His kids went to school in Georgia. His wife, his business, everything was here in Georgia."
The entire story, with all of its details have been gathered, and Todd Chrisley will have a lot to answer to in Georgia.
"I think that's something the Georgia Department of Revenue may be interested in."
This story is still developing, but do you think it's amazing that Todd Chrisley could be on a show about living in Georgia, but tell the IRS that he lives in Florida to avoid paying income tax?

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