‘Swamp People’ Returns With More Danger And Drama [Spoilers]

Swamp People posted to their Twitter page a sneak peek video of the new season, along with a caption that read, “Back by popular demand.” Fans of Swamp People are aware that the previous season was supposed to be the last, but there will now be at least one more season and if ratings improve, perhaps there will be more.

Season 8 of Swamp People kicks off with an episode titled “The Hunt Begins; Fresh Blood” where fan favorite Troy Landry, known as the “King of the Swamp,” should be able to easily meet his quota of alligators and tag out this season now that both of his sons, Chase and Jacob, are captains of their own boats. On this season on Swamp People it is crucial to tag out as quickly as possible since prices are down and buyers could close their doors at any time.

According to the History Channel’s Swamp People page, there is a surplus of farm-raised gators flooding the buyers market this season, driving prices down to their lowest in a decade. Since inventories are full, buyers are threatening to shut down early. The Gazette Review shared that since alligator hides are so valuable, hunters are usually able to make most of their annual income during the month-long hunting season. Low prices could be devastating for the hunters and they will need to scramble in order to harvest as many of the animals as possible.

Daniel Edgar and his family returns for a second season on Swamp People, and needing to fill their own tags quickly he brings in his son, Dwaine, from Texas to help him. Daniel’s other son, Joey, runs his own boat with the help of his nephew, Dorien. With several strong-willed and opinionated men in the Edgar family, personalities will continue to clash, which could put them in jeopardy of not filling their tags on time.

Father-and-son team, RJ and Jay Paul Molinere, will separate for the first time and run their own boats as well on this season of Swamp People. Although Jay Paul is a very experienced alligator hunter, this will be his first time as captain of his own fishing vessel. Fans of Swamp People will recognize his deckhand, Tommy Chauvin, from previous seasons of Swamp People when he worked with his step-father, Joe LaFont. Tommy wasn’t always the most reliable deckhand, and when his old ways come back to haunt him, Jay Paul’s patience will be put to the test.

Bruce Mitchell and his partner, Ron Methvin return for another season on Swamp People, and they hit the swamp hard. Record flooding has opened up uncharted territories that are now accessible by boat, and Bruce wants to take advantage of the situation while he can. Perhaps Ron will be able to continue bringing his dog, Gunner, out on the boat. Bruce struggled with that last season after losing his beloved dog, Tyler, but he began to warm up to Ron’s pup as time went on.

Hard working Willie Edwards is hunting solo again on Swamp People without his father, Junior Edwards, for the second year in a row. An expert at pulling alligators out of the swamp at times with nothing but a specially made treble hook, he will have to work faster and harder than ever to tag out on time. Working alone is difficult and dangerous, but Willie does whatever it takes to get the job done.

Kristi Boussard, who at one time was “Gator Queen” Liz Choate’s deckhand on previous seasons of Swamp People, returns and is working to hunt down and remove from her ranch several dangerous and hungry alligators that have moved into her backyard. Now that she has children, she doesn’t want the beasts anywhere near her family or her property.

When Glenn’s Guist’s beloved brother, Mitchell, passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack, the entire community rallied around the devastated man. Glenn began spending a lot of time with Liz and the rest of the Choate family, and after a successful gator hunting season as a part of their team, he is now a part of their family. On this season of Swamp People, Glenn must deal with the flooding as well, but his easy-going nature helps him to make the most out of all the surprises and unwelcome guests the flood waters happen to bring his way.

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[Featured Image by History Channel]