‘Attack on Titan’ Season 2: April 1 Release Date Confirmed, What Fans Can Expect

'Attack on Titan' Season 2 would most likely cover the Clash of Titans and Uprising arcs.

Attack on Titan Season 2 has received an official release date, with the hit anime series debuting less than two months away, on April 1. The wait has been extremely long for Attack on Titan fans, considering that Season 1 ended way back in 2013. As the clock counts down to then first of April, however, here is a discussion on what to expect from the latest installment of the hit anime franchise.

The plot has always been one of Attack on Titan‘s strongest points, and with Season 2, this would get even more pronounced. The first season was largely world-building, as the franchise’s premise was explored in the adaptation of the manga’s first arcs, according to a ComicBook report. With Season 2, however, things are bound to get a lot more serious and intense, as Attack on Titan‘s lore is bound to get a lot deeper.

From what the first official teaser has revealed so far, the first arc of Attack on Titan Season 2 would be based on the manga’s Clash of Titans arc, which covers events such as the introduction of a new enemy, the reveal of the identity of three more titan shifters and Eren’s clash with the two titans that caused the destruction in Season 1’s first episode. Considering that AoT Season 1 ended with the reveal of the titans within the Wall, however, the first episode of Attack on Titan Season 2 might very well depict the aftermath of the massive revelation.

'Attack on Titan' Season 2 is set for an April 1 debut.

With this in mind, fans of Attack on Titan should expect a lot of exposition in the first episode of Season 2. As the main characters react to the revelation that the Walls are quite literally made out of titans in stasis, several intense confrontations are set to happen. Among these confrontations is between Survey Corps officer Hange, who is set to interrogate Pastor Nick of the Wall Church in order to acquire information. While the first episode of Season 2 would most likely be exposition, however, things are bound to get a lot more intense by Episode 2.

The Clash of Titans arc in the Attack on Titan manga is quite notable among fans since the intensity of the events escalate immediately after the new story begins, as mentioned in an IGN report. The Clash of Titans saga, which is the fifth story arc of the manga, begins with the first chapter of Attack on Titan Volume 9. What is particularly interesting with the manga’s ninth volume is the fact that it immediately introduces the franchise’s most dangerous character immediately – the formidable Beast Titan.

Thus, with Attack on Titan Season 2 kicking off with the Clash of the Titans arc, there is a good chance that viewers would witness the reveal of the Beast Titan as soon as Episode 2. From that point on, the events for the next 12 episodes or so would only get a lot more intense, with the Survey Corps hunting for titans that seemed to have breached Wall Rose, and with Eren finally getting a chance to go toe-to-toe with the Armored Titan in a visceral hand-to-hand battle. What’s pretty great is that Eren and the Armored Titan’s battle are only the midpoint of the Clash of Titans arc.

'Attack on Titan' is set to feature numerous intense, gritty battles among the franchise's titan shifters.

The second half of the Attack on Titan Clash of Titans saga is far more intense, with the Survey Corps engaging in a high-stakes rescue mission where numerous characters such as Erwin Smith are set to shine. Eventually, the arc would close with a reunion and a confrontation with the very same titan that started it all for Eren and Mikasa – the creature that devoured their mother during the siege of Shiganshina District back in AoT Season 1.

One thing that fans of Attack on Titan must note, however, is the fact that not all of Season 2 would be as intense as the Clash of Titans arc. After the intense saga, things are bound to get a lot more understated with the anime exploring the Uprising arc, which deals in depth with the politics of Wall Sina, the innermost wall in the AoT universe. Despite the lack of action in the Uprising arc, however, fans should prepare themselves for a number of disturbing scenes as just the same, such as a particularly gut-wrenching torture scene from the manga’s 63rd chapter. Considering that the Attack on Titan anime is very close to its manga counterpart, there is a good chance that the Uprising arc’s mutilations and torture scenes would make it to the anime.

Attack on Titan Season 2 would debut on April 1. While the number of episodes in the anime has not been revealed so far, speculations are high that the second season would follow its predecessor and release with 25 episodes. Considering that AoT Season 2 would most likely be covering the Clash of Titans and the Uprising arc, the anime’s return would most likely be memorable and impactful.

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