‘Samurai Jack’ Season 5: Trailer Confirms Immortality And Closure For Warrior?

Samurai Jack, an immensely popular Japanese-origin animation of a brave warrior facing insurmountable obstacles thrown in his path by the demon Aku, will have its fifth and final season premiering soon. The mythical tale of the time-traveling warrior is expected to include some sort of closure to the immortal samurai who is tired and looking to finish the rein of evil over the Earth.

Cartoon Network released the eagerly awaited trailer for Samurai Jack Season 5. The short video confirms the return of the fan-favorite series to television after an excruciatingly long hiatus. As expected, the promo features Samurai Jack, an ageless warrior looking for closure as well as an end to the violence that follows him everywhere he goes. However, it also hints at several aspects that fans of the series can expect from the final season.

Although the film, based on the protagonist of the animated series, is still stuck in the conceptualization and development stages for a long time, the final season of Samurai Jack is coming to Adult Swim. The platform has confirmed that Season 5 of Samurai Jack will make its debut in the next month.

The final season of Samurai Jack has been awaited for almost a decade. Season 1 of Samurai Jack premiered way back in 2001. However, after the fourth season ended, the series went into hibernation. It has been 10 years since the fourth season of Samurai Jack ended. The series has a near cult following. With active discussions on the internet, the excitement about the skilled and lone Japanese warrior never truly ebbed.

Samurai Jack’s story revolves around a skilled Japanese warrior of the same name. Sporting a traditional samurai’s garb, Samurai Jack is a skilled warrior. He possesses all the necessary traditional combat skills that a battle-hardened warrior is expected to have, but he is also well versed in usage of modern-day weapons as the series progresses. Although Samurai Jack begins his journey in feudal Japan, he is abruptly thrown into a bizarre and dystopian future where culture and technology from across various time periods and civilizations collide in a crazy and sometimes downright evil hodge-podge. His journey into the future is reportedly orchestrated by the demon Aku, who is keenly interested in annihilating the warrior. Throughout the series, Aku deploys warriors, assassins, and other demonic creatures to destroy Samurai Jack, but the warrior emerges victorious despite suffering injuries.

The latest trailer of Samurai Jack gives a brief glimpse of the final fights that await the warrior. The video confirms the story takes place 50 years after the audience last saw Jack, and time hasn’t been kind to him. Although ageless, Samurai Jack isn’t immune to body hair and other essential grooming necessities. Nonetheless, his unshaven and unkempt look lends a grown-up and seasoned persona to the warrior. The samurai is presently stuck in the techno-dystopia because the demon Aku has destroyed every time portal obliterating all hope of traveling back to the past. Interestingly, as a side effect of extensive time travel, Jack has stopped aging. Unfortunately, his current condition indicates he is “cursed to just roam the land for all eternity.”

A disheveled warrior, Samurai Jack soon cleans up his act and is seen facing off against a legion of well-trained female warriors. No future is without futuristic weapons, and Season 5 of Samurai Jack has no dearth of them. The usage of advanced weaponry is accompanied with a musical backdrop of synthwave tunes, reported The Verge.

The original Samurai Jack series ran from 2001 to 2004 with a total of 52 episodes, reported Super Hero Hype. Although Samurai Jack’s past haunts him, will he find his freedom from the clutches of immortality by eliminating the assassins and Aku? Samurai Jack premieres on Saturday, March 11 on Adult Swim.

[Featured Image by Genndy Tartakovsky/Samurai Jack/Adult Swim]