Corinne Olympios In Talks To Get Her Own Reality TV Show [Report]

Bachelor 2017 contestant Corinne Olympios is reportedly in talks to get her own reality TV show. The 24-year-old blonde from Florida gets premium airtime every week and Nick Viall is beguiled with her flirtatious ways.

Corinne’s appeal has allegedly conjured the idea among ABC producers to launch her own reality show, according to a source.

Life & Style reports that an insider spoke with OK! magazine about the prospect of Corinne Olympios having a reality show because “she wants to be famous.”

“Look, Corinne doesn’t want to marry Nick [Viall]. She wants to be famous, end of story.”

Corinne Olympios has shown up the other contestants on The Bachelor 2017 season by acting sexually aggressive towards Nick, a trait he obviously finds attractive. He’s kept her around in spite of pulling off her bikini top at a pool party, spraying whip cream on her chest for him lick off, or straddling him while in a revealing swimsuit. It’s reached a point of frustration for the other cast members. A few have expressed disappointment in Nick’s decision to keep Corinne Olympios around. He’s sending mixed signals to the other women because it comes off as if he’s more interested in finding a good time than a wife.

Corinne Olympios isn’t bashful about her agenda and views herself as a superior to the other Bachelor contestants. She’s even bragged about having a nanny who makes her favorite cheese pasta and cleans all of her clothes. When she shared this information to the women in week 3, they were astonished a woman in her mid-20s still had a nanny and proudly boasted about not washing her own clothes or dishes. Olympios carried on about owning a multi-million dollar company, but she works within her father’s successful company.

The magazine’s source agreed that it’s “ridiculous” Corinne would have a nanny.

“It’s ridiculous that a woman in her twenties would need a nanny, but that’s what would make this must-watch TV. Corinne is a walking reality show.”

In last week’s episode of The Bachelor, Corinne was mocking another cast member and put a spin on President Trump’s campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again” by flipping her hair, and telling the camera, “Make America Corinne Again.”

Last week, Corinne Olympios was on the TV show, Ellen, claiming that what viewers see on television is really her.

“That is the real me. It definitely is a real side of me. But there are many other sides to me.”

An ex-boyfriend of Corinne Olympios came forward to talk about his experience dating the reality show star. He says the on-screen version of what Bachelor fans witness is close to what he knows.

Keith Bruman gave an interview to Us Weekly, opening up about what was more of a fling with Olympios since they only “hooked up” a couple of times and were communicating long distance.

Burman calls Corinne a “f–king superstar” right now. He’s not surprised by her meteoric rise to fame on The Bachelor.

“It’s right up her alley. She’s got a great personality for it. I was pumped that she was on it. I knew she would kill it, honestly.”

Like any reality TV personality, Corinne Olympios might be delivering an “exaggerated representation” of herself, which Burman calls it. Her ex said she’s “very normal” but is “playing it up for TV.”

“They’re trying to portray her as some stupid girl, but she’s really not that dumb. She knows exactly what she’s doing.”

A handful of Bachelor stars are getting their own spin-off reality series, such as Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell on Freeform. Their first season of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After aired last fall. It’s also been revealed that twins, Emily and Haley Ferguson, will be getting their own reality show as well. Details about when and what the name of the show will be hasn’t been released.

Would you like to see The Bachelor’s Corinne Olympios get her own reality show?

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