Ariana Madix Childhood: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Still Hurt About Her Past?

Ariana Madix joined Vanderpump Rules during the show’s second season, as she was a close friend to the cast. Ariana was also a close friend of Tom Sandoval, and he would open up to her whenever he had problems with Kristen Doute. At this time, they were slowly started to drift apart and Kristen was convinced that Ariana had been with Tom. It was later revealed that Kristen was the one who had cheated on Tom, and Sandoval had merely kissed Madix during a trip to Vegas. When Madix joined the show, fans knew very little about her, and it sounds like they still don’t know much about her past.

According to a new Radar Online report, Ariana Madix’s childhood wasn’t exactly the easiest, and that could be why she hasn’t opened up about the past before while filming Vanderpump Rules. The website has learned that Ariana and her brother, Jeremy Madix, grew up in an unstable home in Melbourne, Florida. Both Ariana Madix and her brother both live in Los Angeles, California, these days, and they don’t talk about their parents on Vanderpump Rules. But one thing is for certain: Ariana doesn’t like drama and her childhood could have something to do with it.

Ariana Madix’s parents, Tanya and James, got married in August of 1983, and Tanya gave birth to Ariana in 1985. But the marriage wasn’t great, so they divorced in 1990 when Madix was just 7-years-old. Jeremy wasn’t born until 1992 after her parents had divorced and then decided to give the relationship another shot. During their time apart, Ariana’s parents had split custody of her, so she saw them both. Tanya was granted primary custody, giving Ariana Madix a steady home. She was eventually only allowed to see her father every other week and he was ordered to pay $150 in child support each week.

When they had Jeremy, Ariana’s parents remarried in 1993. Despite wanting to give the relationship another chance, they got into a physical altercation in 1995 that appears to have changed the relationship. The cops were called and they both had different stories about what had happened. Ariana Madix’s mother told the cops that she and her husband “got into a verbal argument because James stated she was a slob and she never cleaned the house.”

Madix’s mother says that “she pushed or slapped him away from her because James was yelling at her. Tanya further stated that James then pushed her down to the kitchen floor. Tanya hit her head on a counter top and then bit her tongue.”

Apparently, Ariana Madix’s mother was bleeding when the officer showed up to the home. James, on the other hand, said that the fight wasn’t physical and that Ariana’s mother had caused her own injuries.

“James stated he was checking on his children,” the officer has revealed, according to Radar Online. “James stated, ‘look you’re in my house, you can’t tell me what to do…James got angry.”

Ariana Madix’s parents divorced for the second time in September of 2008, when Madix was 23 and her brother was just 16-years-old. This divorce may have influenced their sibling relationship, as they are now living close by one another in Los Angeles. Ariana has just started introducing her brother to Vanderpump Rules, and he’s rumored to have a troubled life himself.

Maybe their volatile childhood home could have influenced how cold Ariana can sometimes be. As revealed on Vanderpump Rules, Ariana Madix’s father died in 2013 around the time of her birthday, which is why she likes to do something fun on her birthday.

What do you think of Ariana Madix’s childhood? What do you think of her parents and their relationship?

[Featured Image by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Ark Endeavors]