Jenelle Evans’ Pregnancy Timeline Sparks Debate About ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Lies

Jenelle Evans' Pregnancy Timeline Sparks Debate About 'Teen Mom 2' Star's Lies

Jenelle Evans has been heavily criticized since announcing she was pregnant with her third child last summer. It had been highly speculated that she was carrying David Eason’s baby, but she refused to confirm the rumors. Back in July, a police report was made public. It indicated that the passenger of Eason’s vehicle (Evans) was at least 10 weeks pregnant. The Teen Mom 2 star remained mum about it, actually taking to Twitter to bash the people talking about her pregnancy for not caring about whether she was okay at the time.

According to All About the Tea, Jenelle Evans and her alleged lies are finally being exposed. The new season of Teen Mom 2 is airing, and footage of her and David Eason denying they are having a baby has aired. Evans was confronted by the production team days after the bizarre dash camera footage that basically confirmed her pregnancy was reviewed. In the next episode, she is seen telling production that she was waiting to tell everyone until they were through the first trimester and that she was upset at what the haters said when it was revealed she was pregnant via the police report.

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When the episodes aired, Jenelle Evans was on social media alleging that she miscarried the first pregnancy with boyfriend David Eason back in April. Fans quickly have called her out on that, stating that since Ensley was born just a few weeks ago, conception would have been in mid-April. Evans was indeed pregnant and decided to keep it hidden from the Teen Mom 2 production crew and the world until she was accidentally thrown under the bus with the release of the police report. Trying to save face is something that Evans does a lot, especially if she knows she will be criticized for whatever it is that is going public. This is not the first time she has been called out, and it likely won’t be the last.

Chelsea Houska announced her pregnancy right around the time the police report revealed Jenelle Evans was also expecting. Teen Mom 2 fans went nuts congratulating Houska and her husband, Cole DeBoer, on their news but acted exactly the opposite with Evans. There was some shade thrown about the whole thing, but it has since been said there was no malice meant by what was said last year. Evans has had issues with Houska before, and the two don’t seem to get along well at all. The two have exchanged words on Twitter several times for various reasons.

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An all-new episode of Teen Mom 2 airs tonight, and it features Jenelle Evans telling her oldest son, Jace, about the new baby. It appears that he is not as happy as she had expected from the previews. There have been some issues between Evans and her mom, Barbara, regarding where Jace should live. The two have been in a custody battle over Jace, but not much has moved forward because Evans had to handle the issues with her middle child’s father, Nathan Griffith, first. Things are definitely tense when it comes to Evans’ older son, and it looks like remaining with Barbara is what is going to happen for the time being.

Tonight is Jenelle Evans’ big pregnancy reveal for her mom and son on Teen Mom 2. Fans are waiting to see whether she will be live tweeting the East Coast airing of the show and what she is going to say next. The idea that she made up the miscarriage and then forgot what she said has her critics blowing up social media. While it is true that Jenelle Evans was experiencing medical issues last spring, no one is believing the miscarriage and then the new pregnancy immediately explanation.

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