Impeach Trump Bets Rise In U.K. As Kaine, Warren Are Predicted For 2020

Donald Trump impeachment bets are popular in the UK.

In America, lawmakers are beginning to propose an impeachment for President Donald Trump, but novelty or specialty bets in the U.K. for Trump to be removed from office in 2017 have been around for awhile.

For example, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was a bet in Australia for $200,000 for Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump. Soon after, in early December, it was also being bet on in the U.K. that Trump, if elected, would be impeached soon after.

Other Donald Trump bets from early December included Canada banning Americans from immigrating and Trump making a song with U.K. Independence Party leader, Nigel Farage, in the next four years.

Currently, Odds Checker has a bet that Trump will be impeached from Ladbrokes with 11 to 10 odds. Websites like Paddy Power and BetFair have multiple bets about Donald Trump that are current, and the ones with the highest odds are that Trump will be impeached in the specific year of 2017 with four to one odds.

By comparison, the odds that Trump will be impeached in his first term are two to one. Another specific time-related bet that has four to one odds is that Trump will be impeached in the first six months of his presidency.

Donald Trump is at the center of political bets in the UK.

Another novelty bet that involves Trump is that many U.K. gamblers think that he will run again in 2020, but his opponents will be Tim Kaine and Elizabeth Warren.

However, some of the bets are absolutely meant to be comedic. For example, bets for Trump’s alleged “golden shower” video to appear online are four to one. There are also less popular bets on Trump getting divorced from Melania and replacing the gold elevator in Trump Tower.

In the end, it appears that anyone who bets on Trump getting impeached might get their wish. For example, Representative Maxine Waters said on February 6 to CNN that Trump is “leading himself into a position” of possible impeachment.

CBS Los Angeles quoted Maxine Waters, a ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee, stating the following on February 4.

“I hope that this man and who he is, what he’s done and the way he’s defined himself and the way he’s acting, I am hoping that we’re able to reveal all of this and my greatest desire is to lead him right into impeachment.”

Senator Bernie Sanders said on February 5 on CNN’s State of the Union that Donald Trump was “a fraud.”

There are around 50 lawsuits against the Trump presidency, according to NPR, and a majority include his executive order on refugees and travel, civil rights, and immigration. There are also two lawsuits concerning federal funds to sanctuary cities and financial conflicts of interest.

One of the lawsuits against Trump’s immigration ban has been filed by major American businesses such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Uber, according to the Independent.

Of course, people in the U.K. are also showing that they do not like Donald Trump, and there was a petition circulating with over 1.84 million signatures to get Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Theresa May to rescind their invitation to Trump to visit the U.K., as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Donald Trump novelty bets have humor.

According to the Guardian, there is an active debate in the British Parliament to officially not allow Donald Trump to speak before their elected officials in a parliament audience.

About the situation, John Bercow, the non-political Commons Speaker, allegedly said he “could not block a state visit” by Trump, but would instead “use his role as one of the three ‘key-holders’ of Westminster Hall” to keep Trump from speaking to Parliament as an audience.

Agreeing with Commons Speaker John Bercow, Labour MP Stephen Doughty was quoted stating the following against Trump.

“Our parliament stands for liberty, equality and independent scrutiny of government. It is vital we stand up for those principles not only here but across the world. Mr. Speaker has made that crystal clear today.”

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