26 Obscure Facts About ‘The Big Bang Theory’

the big bang theory facts

Big Bang Theory has remained one of the most popular comedy TV shows. Fans from around the world can’t get enough of Sheldon and his nerdy friends. Season 10 of the show is currently airing and before the season wraps, we’ve put together a collection of unknown facts about the popular sitcom.

1. The cast members can really play their instruments

As shown many times in the show, Johnny Galecki can actually play the cello. Mayim Bialik can play the harp. Kunal Nayyar can play both acoustic and electronic guitar. Simon Helberg can play the piano, and even though theremin is regarded as the hardest instrument in the world to play, it’s really Jim Parsons who is playing it on the show.

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2. Jim Parsons thinks that The Big Bang Theory is successful for its lack of character arcs.

According to Parsons, one can stop watching the show for weeks and start watching it again and will not be confused.

3. Jim Parsons thought that he was actually auditioning for a game show.

4. There was a rip-off of The Big Bang Theory called The Theorists that aired in Belarus.

As reported by many media outlets, when the viewers and the cast of The Theorists actually got to know that their show was a rip-off of a hit sitcom, they stopped the production of it. At the same time, the TBBT team did not take any legal actions against the creators of The Theorists.

5. Most of the time, Johnny Galecki’s Leonard has no lenses in his glasses.

6. During the taping and filming of the scenes, comedian Mark Sweet entertains the audience.

7. Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons do not follow each other on Instagram.

8. Only those audience members who are above 18 are allowed to attend the show’s taping.

9. James Burrows, the director of Friends and Cheers, directed the pilot episodes of the show.

10. Star Trek alum Wil Wheaton got the role as himself on The Big Bang Theory after tweeting about his admiration for the show. After his casting, he was told by the show’s creators that he will be Sheldon’s enemy during the first half of the series.

11. Thirty-five-year-old Kunal Nayyar got the role of Rajesh Koothrappali because the producers of the show that he was charming.

12. Season 6 Episode 8, titled “The 43 Peculiarity,” is the final episode that only featured the original five cast members of the show.

13. After his first appearance in Season 2, John Ross Bowie’s Barry Kripke has appeared in every season, even just for one single episode.

14. Sheldon’s “Fun with Flags” has featured all the main cast members except Leonard and Bernadette.

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15. Kaley Cuoco advised one fan, “Keep knocking on your neighbor’s door because eventually, she is going to open it.”

16. The secret behind Bernadette’s high-pitched voice is that the Melissa Rauch imagine her own mother when speaking in that tone.

17. Simon Helberg’s Howard owns a total of 93 belt buckles and only one belt in the show.

18. Season 2 Episode 4, titled “The Griffin Equivalency,” is the very first show in the series when Jim Parson’s Sheldon Cooper says, “I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.”

19. The video featuring the fight between Howard and Sheldon, “Physicists Gone Wild,” is a real video on YouTube. So far, the video has more than 700,000 views.

20. Simon Helberg’s Howard ringtone, “She Blinded Me with Science,” was actually first considered for show’s theme song.

21. Kevin Sussman, the actor who plays Stuart in The Big Bang Theory, actually worked in a comic book store before his big break.

22. The theme song of the show, “History of Everything,” features 109 different photos.

23. A lot of Star Wars fans do not know that James Earl Jones, the actor who portrayed Darth Vader, and Carrie Fisher, who played Princess Leia, did not actually meet until their guest appearance on The Big Bang Theory’s episode “The Convention Conundrum.”

24. Sheldon is shown one of the greatest fans of Star Trek, but in reality, Jim Parsons has never seen Stark Trek.

He once told Time, “I’m very frank about certain things, I get asked a lot of science things and I’m like, ‘you’re kidding’. And even the pop culture… I’ve never seen Star Trek. I don’t know Doctor Who.”

25. Except for Rajesh, every male character of the show has seen Penny naked.

26. Before Chuck Lorre finalized the title, the show was called Lenny, Penny, and Kenny.

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