Kate Middleton News: Kate Says She Was ‘Lucky’ To Have Her Middleton Family

Kate Middleton's wardrobe includes this favorite red suit

Kate Middleton is determined to do whatever she can to make sure every child has “the best possible start in life.” E! News reports that Middleton and Prince William kicked off Children’s Mental Health Week on February 6 at Mitchell Brook Primary School in London. Kate gave a heartfelt speech that highlighted just how important it is to her that kids get a fair chance and the support they need to be well.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who the Standard writes “looked upbeat” when she arrived wearing a Middleton wardrobe favorite, a bright red Luisa Spagnoli suit, is well aware that she had a privileged childhood with a lot of extras that even ordinarily well-off people can’t afford.

Kate is very grateful for her Middleton family, who made sure she had love and support throughout her life.

“When I was growing up I was very lucky. My family was the most important thing to me.”

Middleton was glowing in her praise for her parents, Mike and Carole Middleton. She described a “fortunate” childhood filled with happiness and a home where it was “safe to grow and learn.”

Kate Middleton's wardrobe includes this beautiful bright red suit

Kate is under no illusions about how the rest of the world lives. All that cushioning and luxury don’t get in the way of her understanding and compassion for the children of the world who face adversity every day.

Middleton told the children, staff, and parents who came to the school assembly to see the royal couple how her parents taught her about “qualities like kindness, respect and honesty.” Now, as a mother of two little royals, Kate is teaching Prince George and Princess Charlotte the same lessons of kindness that she believes are “just as important as excelling at maths or sport.”

It’s not news to Middleton’s fans that she’s kind and compassionate. One Twitter user wrote that she’s obsessed with Kate’s kindness and even with Middleton’s wardrobe!

Kindness is the theme of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week, with the slogan “Spread a Little Kindness” inspiring children to explore how they can take action to help each other. The Mirror shares that Middleton and Prince William sat on the school’s kindness bench, which was brought into the school hall for the assembly with the royals.

The kindness bench usually lives in the playground, and any child who is feeling down, lonely, or in need of a friend can sit on it to let the other children know they need some support.

The deputy head teacher (equivalent to a vice-principal in American schools) told the Duke and Duchess the latest news on what her staff was doing to help the students learn how to put the kindness “K factor” into action.

“Whether it’s helping a friend out who feels a bit lonely on the day and supporting them, and we’ve also talked to the children about being kind to ourselves, that’s around the negative talk we may have of putting ourselves down.”

Kate agreed wholeheartedly with the approach. The Duchess told the gathered crowd about meeting a little girl at one of the mental health charities where she is a long-time patron. The 11-year-old explained to Kate how keeping feelings inside can make a person “feel as though you will blow up like a balloon” and said that when she talks to a teacher or friend about the balloon inside, she feels “so much better.”

Kate Middleton's wardrobe favorite shows up for the second time.

Middleton suggested that watching out for others who might need to talk is a great way to practice kindness and help where needed. She reminded her audience that “helping someone out will also make you feel so much better, too.”

On the day before the launch, Kate, Prince William, and Prince Harry all took part in a special race to draw attention to their Heads Together mental health campaign. Kate’s campaign is often featured in Middleton news. Middleton’s wardrobe let her look her athletic best in black jeans and a puffy coat, with her hair tied back for a competitive edge.

Unfortunately for Kate, the wardrobe prep still left her a loser in the race to the princes.

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