June 29, 2017
'The Bachelor' 2017 Finalists, Winner Was 'Picked' For Nick Viall, Source Claims

The Bachelor 2017 finalists and winner were "picked" for Nick Viall by producers, a source alleges.

Spoilers on who The Bachelor 2017 finalists are have already been leaked by Reality Steve and he stands solidly behind claims he made about who wins the show. Details of exactly how and why Nick chooses the finalist is unknown. According to The Hollywood Gossip, an unidentified insider claims that Nick was so unsure about what to do at the end of filming, he didn't want to make a choice and left it up to show execs to pick his future wife.

The source says Nick Viall was so hesitant to take on the responsibility of choosing which women to keep around, that he relied on the help of producers, writers, and editors. He leaned on them in several instances to pick which ones should stay for another for another episode.
"Nick had such a hard time making decisions about the women that he literally had producers decide for him."
The insider goes on to claim that Nick had private meetings with Nick before rose ceremonies all season long. Does this mean The Bachelor 2017 finalists and winner wasn't authentic at all?

Nick Viall did develop real feelings for Rachel Lindsay, but the source said that actually scared him. He feared being publicly embarrassed once more on national TV after losing out to love with Kaitlyn Bristowe, Andi Dorfman, and Amanda Stanton.

"Because he was so worried he'd be publicly humiliated once again if he chose wrong."
Towards the end, Nick fell in love with two different women, and his "emotions were all over the place," said the source. He "didn't know what to do."
"They'd actually sway him into letting go of certain girls and keeping others just to spark controversy for the show."
Nick Viall has seemed confident in his choices up to this point on The Bachelor 2017. The source adds that producers "convinced" Nick who to pick as the winner as well, which may been a bad choice.
"Nick is scared that he ended up with the wrong girl."
Reality Steve wrote in his Bachelor 2017 spoilers that Nick was obsessed with making this season about great television and that finding a wife was the last thing on his list. He's in the midst of pursuing an acting career and wants America to love him. Would Nick have depended on producers to pick The Bachelor finalists and winner because he figured they knew what would make great TV? From that perspective, it seems very possible.Reality Steve has predicted Nick and the woman he picks on the show won't make it. There are rumors going strong that Nick and his fiancee aren't doing well and it's gotten worse with the show airing. The winner's family is also apprehensive about Nick and what their future holds. A source tells In Touch magazine that what the winner's family thinks is important to her.
"Their opinions are important to her. Hearing their negative feedback has been really hard. At this point, she isn't sure she can move forward with marrying someone like Nick."
The magazine's source shares that Nick's fiancee sees how well he treats her in private, but witnesses another side to him around some of the other Bachelor contestants (think Corinne and Liz). She now sees what a "playboy" Nick is she's having second thoughts about spending the rest of her life with him.

When the winner was informed by some of the other women that Nick was trying to sleep with them, she blew it off and figured it was simply jealousy. Now that she's watching the show, she realizes they weren't exaggerating. The insider explains that "each week gets harder and harder for the winner because his behavior gets shadier and shadier."

Are The Bachelor 2017 finalists and winner picked by Nick or the producers? On some level, fans will never know. What goes on behind-the-scenes is never fully disclosed.

[Featured Image by Rick Rowell/ABC]