WWE News: Seth Rollins’ Injury Kept Hidden, ‘WrestleMania’ Match Still On?

Seth Rollins was injured one week ago in a segment with Samoa Joe, and the world still does not have a true update on Seth Rollins. However, it appears WWE will be keeping that close to the vest heading into WrestleMania 33. When a WWE Superstar normally gets hurt, WWE informs the fans about their condition either on social media or their website, often times both. However, things were a bit different with Seth Rollins this time.

WWE announced a couple days after WWE RAW that Rollins was hurt when they usually tell us the next day that a wrestler was hurt. Rollins had reportedly left RAW on crutches, meaning he would have been checked out by a doctor the very next day. However, WWE and Seth Rollins himself wanted to see Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Alabama. Andrews’ office did his previous knee surgery in 2015, so it makes sense to return to the greatest surgeon on the planet for evaluation.

However, WWE did not reveal his injury until Wednesday after he was close to landing in Birmingham to see Andrews that afternoon. This is odd for WWE as next-day updates are commonplace in the WWE when it comes to injuries. However, many believe WWE did not know for sure about Rollins despite a report they may have gotten back from a local hospital, so they wanted him to see Andrews. Interestingly, they still reported on the injury before even Andrews saw him.

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This type of reporting from WWE already made WWE fans a bit puzzled. What makes fans even more interested in WWE’s reporting is that they have yet to update fans on Seth Rollins despite already knowing what is wrong with him. According to Cageside Seats, WWE will be keeping Seth Rollins’ presence steady on television while he is rehabbing his injury.

Seth Rollins is expected to be part of WWE RAW tonight, but it is unknown what he will say. Many believe that all of this regarding Seth’s injury is half true and half false. WWE may very well know Seth is hurt, but he may have a simple MCL tear, which takes a maximum of eight weeks for Rollins to come back. This sets him up perfectly for WrestleMania 33, where he could have a match with Triple H as previously planned.

The idea of his presence being used on television clearly means WWE wants to keep the Seth Rollins and Triple H rivalry alive and will take it into WrestleMania in some way, whether Seth can actually wrestle a match or not. However, many expect him to be able to go and this entire angle WWE is doing with him is a smoke and mirrors storyline to keep us from knowing the full truth: that Rollins is actually hurt but will be cleared to work soon.

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It makes sense for Seth to be hurt in his storyline with Triple H. He can easily weasel The Game into a match at WrestleMania, and the defining moment of him dropping his crutches would totally sell the event like nothing before. If he has an MCL tear as previously assumed, then he could very well be back soon after WWE Fastlane. WWE knows this, which is why they don’t want to lose him on television knowing he can still work WrestleMania.

From the very weird reporting pattern to the legitimate injury seemingly not serious, it does seem like WWE will not be without Seth Rollins at WrestleMania this year. It is expected that Rollins will talk about his injury on WWE RAW tonight, but fans can expect him to inflate the result of what he was told to make us believe he won’t make it to WrestleMania like we all hope he can.

This would simply be a set-up for Seth Rollins and his return to the ring the following month if he indeed does have the MCL issue. It seems odd that WWE would use a man on television if they knew he was not going to be part of any storyline. This especially true for a man who is not a current champion in WWE. All of this screams storyline, but because fans know he is legitimately hurt, there are many wondering what is true and what is not. This is exactly how WWE likes it.

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