WWE News: Samoa Joe’s Future In Question After Seth Rollins Injury

Last week on Monday Night Raw, Samoa Joe made his long awaited WWE main roster debut when he came out and attacked Seth Rollins. The Samoa Joe attack was done seemingly as a favor to Triple H, the man who Rollins is feuding with and the person who runs NXT, where Samoa Joe was the champion in 2016.

However, What Culture reported the Samoa Joe attack was supposed to set up a WWE match against Seth Rollins at Fastlane on March 5, a match that won’t happen now. The attack resulted in Seth reinjuring his surgically repaired knee, and he is likely to miss six to eight weeks with the injury.

With Seth Rollins out of action, Samoa Joe has no storyline going forward at this time after his Monday Night Raw debut. Samoa Joe is reportedly heading out with the Raw brand on their house show circuit, but his opponents on those shows remain a mystery.

WWE News: Samoa Joe's Future In Question After Seth Rollins Injury

There was some thought that Samoa Joe would head to SmackDown Live after his attack on Seth Rollins, making the attack a one-off shot that would just lead to the Seth Rollins vs. Triple H match at WrestleMania.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, there were backstage rumors that the WWE would move Samoa Joe over and put him into a feud with John Cena. A match between those two wrestlers at WrestleMania easily trumps the rumored mixed tag team match with Cena and Nikki Bella taking on The Miz and Maryse.

With Fastlane the only Raw-exclusive pay-per-view left before WrestleMania, there is little chance the WWE pushes a John Cena match out with so little build. That means if Samoa Joe is planning to wrestle at WrestleMania, it will probably be against someone from the Raw roster.

WWE News: Samoa Joe's Future In Question After Seth Rollins Injury

WrestleMania 33 is on April 2, which is eight weeks from now. If Seth Rollins is out for six to eight weeks, there is still a chance he could make it back to wrestle Triple H at the event. The thing about that match is that Triple H is a veteran and can work to limit any further injuries to Rollins’ knee.

However, putting a match that big on the hope that Seth Rollins is ready to go by that time is dangerous, and the WWE might change their plans for that match. One mode of thought is that the WWE could work on some sort of NXT vs. WWE angle, with Triple H using his NXT talent to take care of his dirty work on Raw or SmackDown.

That could lead to a Triple H vs. Shane McMahon match. What could be even better, and this ties in with the rumored move to SmackDown Live, is for Triple H to send Samoa Joe after Shane McMahon next.


With Samoa Joe doing Triple H’s dirty work by taking out Seth Rollins, it makes sense that Samoa Joe could then target the man who leads the rival brand to Raw in Shane McMahon. This would work to get Samoa Joe on the WrestleMania card and leave AJ Styles, who has also been rumored to fight McMahon, for a match against a better wrestler to possibly steal the show.

There might be movement with Samoa Joe tonight on Monday Night Raw. With Seth Rollins out with an injury, the WWE has a huge chance to really shine a spotlight on Samoa Joe and point out the fact he took Rollins out, making him look like an even bigger star than he was before he made his main roster debut.

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