‘Teen Mom’ Leah Messer Dissed For Leaving Kids Behind: Is Her Sister In Trouble?

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Leah Messer has worked very hard to turn her life around after having a few bad seasons on Teen Mom 2. The mother of three had gone through two divorces and was struggling with anxiety. Leah had denied doing drugs, but both Jeremy Calvert and Corey Simms speculated that she was popping pills to help her deal with her stress, depression, and anxiety, so they both stepped up as fathers and they wanted custody of their children. Luckily for Leah, she was able to prove that she was taking care of herself and even got professional help to deal with her issues. Now, Messer continues to celebrate her self-worth and wants to spread the word about her new confidence.

According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that she’s feeling powerful in her newfound identity, and it sounds like those around her enjoy her new spirit. But some people are questioning whether Leah’s new life is affecting those around her in a negative way, including her sister.


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“No one is you and that is your power,” read a quote that Leah Messer shared this weekend, adding her own thoughts to the Instagram post, “When you try to be anyone other than who you are, you give away your power. Focus on learning to love & accept your uniqueness. There’s nothing that can stop you when you believe your worth! Know that YOU are valuable!”

While some people were thankful for her Instagram post about being positive and valuable, some people questioned what was wrong with Leah Messer’s sister. Apparently, they had noticed how Leah’s sister was acting oddly on Teen Mom 2 and since Messer had already struggled with anxiety herself, some people thought that her sister may be doing drugs to deal with her own problems.

“Totally needed this today!!!!! No matter what I’m still going to do me and keep it movin,” one person wrote to Leah, while another decided to point out something that other Teen Mom 2 viewers had also noticed, writing, “Looks like your sister is on drugs now! She seems so out of it when filming.”

Of course, there could be many reasons why Messer’s sister is acting oddly on the show these days. When Teen Mom 2 started this season, Leah Messer revealed that the state of Virginia was in a state of emergency because of the flood that had wiped out many homes, schools, and public places. Messer herself revealed that she had been lucky, but her heart was breaking for those around her. And maybe her sister lost a lot more than she did. If her sister is dealing with some issues, it is possible that Messer will address it on the upcoming Teen Mom 2 reunion special. And it sounds like she recently traveled to Los Angeles to film the reunion, as some of her other co-stars headed to Los Angeles as well.

Headed home????????

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“#LABound,” Leah Messer revealed this weekend, hinting that she was going alone.

“Leaving you kids behind super mom,” one person wrote to Leah Messer in a harsh tone, criticizing her for possibly flying to Los Angeles to film the Teen Mom 2 reunion with her co-stars and not taking her children out of school.

Even though some people were critical of her decision to fly to Los Angeles with a friend and leave the children at home to go to school, others quickly came to her defense, knowing how far she has come over the past two years.

“Wow so what you are saying is that you have never left your kids to do something by yourself? In your whole life? That is astounding!” one person wrote in reply to the mean follower, while others followed suit, writing, “Parents have the right to do things without the kids. She still has a life. Just because she became a mother doesn’t mean she had to give up her life” and “If she had her own show, I’d watch 🙂 I only like her and one other mom anyway, the other 2 are when I use the time to do stuff around the house or have a bathroom break, haha.”

What do you think of Leah Messer’s sister possibly being in trouble? And what do you think of Messer leaving for Los Angeles and leaving her children in school, while she works?

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