Javi Marroquin Book: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Looking For Publisher To Share His Story

Javi Marroquin has been keeping his mouth shut over the past couple of weeks, as Teen Mom 2 has documented his return home to the United States after being deployed for several months. When Javi left the United States, he was happily married, and he was sad about leaving his son Lincoln and his stepson Isaac behind. However, when he returned, his wife Kailyn Lowry was waiting with divorce papers, and he had essentially been kicked out of the home. While they were filming Teen Mom 2, many rumors were flying about Kailyn cheating on Javi while he was gone and this started playing out on last week’s episode.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now revealing that he is frustrated with how his life is being documented on Teen Mom 2 and one can imagine that he’s not happy with some of the things he’s learning about his ex-wife. For example, Lowry flipped out on a producer after she felt that Marroquin was in her business after returning home. She essentially told him that she had been free while he was serving overseas and now that he was home, she felt trapped.

Plus, Javi Marroquin was upset to learn that Lowry had lied to him about being at Walmart when she was indeed home with another guy. While one can imagine that they have talked these issues through, Javi revealed on Twitter that he was getting angrier by the minute and he was ready to share his side. And late last week, he revealed that he was looking for a publisher.

“Every day that goes by I’m getting more and more angry. I need to chill and see my friends. Asap. And a drink,” Javi Marroquin revealed on Twitter, sharing that he was still very frustrated with the way things had played out on Teen Mom, to which several people reached out to him, asking him to share his side of the story rather than be frustrated alone.

“Never let the money change me. Ain’t the way my momma raised me,” Javi revealed on Twitter, asking later, “Looking for a publisher…. email me please.”

Marroquin had been rumored to be writing his own tell-all book, but the publisher may have ditched the project since he’s looking for a new publisher. Or maybe he’s looking to write a second book. Either way, it sounds like Javi Marroquin has something to say and he wants a publisher’s help to make it happen.

Of course, the drama with Lowry started last week after he watched Teen Mom 2. Javi was furious that sources were coming forward, saying things about him and his family. Marroquin also revealed that he and Kailyn had worked out their issues and they were civil with one another. But Javi also revealed that he would be answering the door if people kept knocking, hinting that he was getting close to spilling all of his own secrets.

“Kail’s source… Keep my name out of your mouth. Don’t even talk about me. Clearly kail didn’t tell you so here it is. All you say are lies,” Javi Marroquin had previously revealed on Twitter last week when Teen Mom 2 was airing, adding, “When articles ask about our situation say no comment. I don’t know your @ or I would @ you but I know you see this.”

“Keep knocking on the devil’s door long enough sooner or later he’s gonna answer,” Javi Marroquin revealed on Twitter.

And it sounds like he’s ready to share his story, as Javi was looking for a publisher just days ago. Maybe he has cooled down a bit or maybe he’s more determined than ever.

Would you read Javi Marroquin’s book if he found a publisher to help him out?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]