Demi Lovato Looks ‘Not Happy’ After Returning From Dubai Tour

Demi Lovato jetted back to Los Angeles after a very engaging performance in Dubai where she took to the stage in a nude-colored body suit. She, however, looked “not happy” after landing in LAX.

Demi Lovato looks Not happy

Lovato was spotted at the airport upon her return from Dubai while clad in a pair of black sunglasses, a black top, a pair of black tights and black stilettos. She also covered up with a green trench coat which deviated from her otherwise black theme. The pop star also had a black clutch bag and accessorized the stylish look with a diamond necklace and matching earrings. Unfortunately, despite her glamorous appearance, she looked as if she was not happy.

Lovato had just returned from Dubai where she performed RedfestDxb. The outfit which she was wearing at the concert was a far cry from the costume she wore while on stage. The 24-year-old wore a thrilling outfit which consisted of black thigh-high boots, nude-colored fishnets and a black mesh one-piece as seen in a photo taken during her performance. The sleeves had long sleeves with fringes hanging from the inner lining.

The “Let It Go” songstress wowed the crowd with her revealing outfit which was equal parts black mesh and sheer,” Daily Mail reported.

One of the photos of Demi, as she performed onstage, showcases the sexy outfit as it hugged her body tightly, revealing her curves. Another photo captured the star as she faced away from the camera while on the stage with her hands in the air as she entertained the crowd. The outfit also showed off her derriere in the nude-colored fishnet outfit.

Another photo featured the pop star with one of her hands provocatively on her crotch, while the other held a microphone as she rocked the audience. Despite her stylish outfit at the airport, the star she looked rather tired and glum perhaps because she was tired after the performance.

Could the “not happy” look be because of her house being deemed unsafe?

Demi Lovato looks Not happy

Demi might have brought down the concert with her landslide performance, but she also got some bad news following an actual landslide near her home in Laurel Canyon, California. The beautiful musician purchased the $8.3 million home in 2016 though she had not moved in. The landslide caused debris to accumulate into her front yard and as a result, the home was considered unsafe for residence. The news of the unfortunate incidence could also have been the reason she seemed unhappy.

The news that Lovato’s house is currently not fit for residence might have contributed to the glum mood alongside other factors. Her performance in Dubai must have been energy-draining leaving her very tired. The flight from Dubai to L.A. is also quite long, thus adding jet lag to the fact that she was tired and the news about the landslide obviously added to her troubles.

It is unclear when Lovato wanted to move into the new house or whether she wanted to put it back into the market sometime soon. The fact that she had also not moved in means she was staying at one of her other properties. Luckily, this means that she will not be homeless, and it also gives her a chance to have the affected house analyzed and the necessary repairs made. In the meantime, the artist has been quite busy traveling the world and doing what she does best.

The 24-year-old has enjoyed immense success in her music career over the past few years, and her hard work plus talent have earned her a spot among the top female celebrities. Demi Lovato’s return to L.A. after performing in Dubai also means she will probably take some time off to rest and hopefully, she will get back to her usually happy self.

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]