Australians Furious Over Super Bowl Wine Ad: Yellow Tail Ad Seen As Humiliating

Australians are taking to the social media sites to apologize for an insipid Super Bowl Ad that some say did more harm than Trump’s phone call with their country’s leader. It was the Super Bowl ad selling Yellow Tail Wine, which is an Australian product. Despite the ad rating Yellow Tail as a great wine, some of the Aussies across the social media sites claim that it tastes like “cat piss,” so they won’t drink it.

Apparently, most of the folks who sent out the apologies for the Yellow Tail Wine ad did so without realizing it was a company from the United States that was behind that advertising. The company is an advertising agency called the Burns Group.

Mashable writes that Yellow Tail has managed to do something that the ones who came before them weren’t able to do. Yes, Yellow Tail did it, but not the Outback Steak House or Fosters Beer, which are both Australian themed. So what did they do that others could not?

That would be “embarrass the hell out of actual Australians.” They also did this in record time, as it only took 30-seconds. This was just long enough for their Super Bowl ad to run.


It wasn’t even an Aussie who directed the Yellow Tail Debacle. The guy who directed the filming of the commercial is Harald Zwart, who is Dutch-Norwegian. He has movies to his director’s credit, like Agent Cody Banks and the 2010 version of The Karate Kid, according to Mashable.

This means that the Australians don’t have anything to apologize for. That is unless the wine really does taste like it came out of a cat then someone owes the wine-drinking public an apology, but that would more likely be the winery that makes the stuff. Once they realized it was a commercial created and shot in the U.S., the tide changed a bit. One Twitter user told the U.S. they are on “thin ice” after airing that commercial.

It is obvious that the ad was created to get more Americans to drink Yellow Tail Wine, but if the Australians won’t drink it and it is a product of their own country, then why would Americans like the wine? They do, or at least they used to like it. Yellow Tail was one of the best selling wines in the U.S. for many years, but the sales are waning today.

The commercial is set on a beach with some generic man in a very ugly bright yellow suit and tie. The guy is running around with a couple of bottles of Yellow Tail Wine in his hands. There is also a kangaroo, that looks real, but it is created from life-like technology. The kangaroo is adorable, but the commercial is just awful, according to social media postings.

The kangaroo, which of course is the Yellow Tail Wine mascot, has on a chef’s apron with the very tacky saying of “Kiss the Roo” slogan on the front of it. There really doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for this setting and the wine really doesn’t seem to be the highlight of the scene. Actually, it is quite confusing because while the guy in the yellow suit is holding the bottles of wine, he’s not drawing much attention to the product.

Then model Ellie Gonslves saunters across the sand in a skimpy bikini and stops near the yellow suit guy and the kangaroo. In what seems to be a lame attempt at a sexually charged gesture, he asks the model — “do you want to pet my roo?” And she’s says, “sure, I’ll pet your roo.” Then she does pet the roo — the kangaroo that is.

People from Australia conveyed how truly embarrassed they were after seeing this commercial. Here are some of the tweets below.


This is the first wine commercial to air during a Super Bowl in 40 years. Super Bowl is usually affiliated with beer drinkers, but recent polls indicate that 20 percent of the people watching the big game are sipping on wine, according to Market Watch.

Yellow Tail is a wine sold for under $10 a bottle in the U.S. and it is a big seller in America, so maybe it doesn’t taste like “cat piss” after all? In recent years people have been gravitating to the wines that sell for more than the $10 a bottle. It was Yellow Tail’s mindset to get the folks in the U.S. to remember why they started drinking Yellow Tail Wine in the first place by airing the commercial during the Super Bowl.

If the commercial embarrassed the people from its country of origin, it might be safe to say the advertising missed its mark. What were they thinking? Even the name of the commercial wasn’t very intriguing. They named it Yellow Tail Guy, according to Marketing Magazine.

[Featured Image by Whitney Curtis/AP Images]