Miranda Lambert Opens Up About Drinking Problem Since Blake Shelton Divorce

Miranda Lambert divorce drinking problem alcohol

Miranda Lambert confessed that she might have developed a drinking problem after her 2015 split from Blake Shelton, according to Us Magazine. The 33-year-old “Vice” singer confessed that she started “drinking a little extra” after the headline-making divorce from her husband of four years.

Although Shelton himself seems happy in his new relationship with Gwen Stefani, Miranda Lambert apparently hasn’t moved on just yet. The country singer told the crowd at her recent concert that she started “drinking a little extra” after the divorce.

While Miranda Lambert’s confession about her alleged problem with alcohol sounded like a joke, fans are concerned that there may be a little truth behind the joke. The same day before embarking on her “Highway Vagabond” tour, which kicked off on January 24, Lambert reportedly confessed while performing at an intimate show at Joe’s Bar in Chicago that she “started drinking a little extra.”

Miranda Lambert also revealed what inspired her track “Ugly Lights” from her 2016’s studio album The Weight of These Wings.

“Anyways, I found myself in Midtown in Nashville three nights in a row at like last call and with the lights coming on, and I’m still sitting there.”

And Miranda Lambert, who is currently dating musician Anderson East, thought it would be a good idea to write a song about it, which is how “Ugly Lights” was born. Lambert and Shelton went public with their split in July 2015 after nearly four years of marriage.

In fact, Miranda Lambert has even previously revealed that her headline-making divorce from Shelton inspired her latest LP. In her interview with Billboard, Lambert confessed that no matter how old she is, every song she has ever written was “a reflection of where I am right then in my life.”

Miranda Lambert decided to “journal” her life, both her good and bad days, through her music. The country singer also revealed that has always been “pretty straightforward” in her music.

“With my songwriting, it’s taking a journey with what’s been going on in my everyday life — good, bad, ugly and everything in between.”

Miranda Lambert, whose “Highway Vagabond” tour’s American leg is going to conclude in August before she heads to Europe, added that putting in her art “something really honest” has always been “the right thing to do.”

Miranda Lambert’s net worth may be currently standing at $40 million, but when she needs to pick up products for her everyday life, she goes to Walmart, according to Rare Country. The 33-year-old singer admitted that she recently went on a Walmart run and confessed that she loves discounts! Well, who doesn’t?

In her recent radio interview, Miranda Lambert revealed she’s regularly shopping at the discount retailer.

“I go there all the time. I go to Target every weekend. Last weekend I went to the Walmart in Dickson because I have a farm out in the country.”

But Miranda Lambert apparently doesn’t love everything about Walmart as she once stumbled across her own CD Crazy Ex-Girlfriend in the bargain bin there. And finding her 2007 album there “upset” her, the country singer confessed.

Miranda Lambert added that she was with her boyfriend East, who tried to comfort the country singer by saying, “Hey, at least you are on sale.” Even though she is an internationally famous country singer, Lambert has always been humble and honest about her everyday life.

Take her revelation/joke about the drinking problem, for example. While most celebrities would try to hide it in the deepest corners of their dark secrets, Lambert didn’t shy away from talking about it.

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