‘One Piece’ 854: Online Spoilers For Manga Chapter – Sanji’s Reunion [Spoilers]

‘One Piece’ 854: Online Spoilers For Manga Chapter – Sanji’s Reunion [Spoilers]

Chapter 854 of immensely popular Japanese manga One Piece continues with the intense confrontations that started in the previous chapters, with a few added hints about the exciting reunion of two friends. Moreover, Carrot and Chopper continue to prove the most vital members who could end up successfully carrying out one of the largest and most daring rescue missions with the help of Brulee’s Magic Mirror World.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 854 spoilers/recap ahead]

After Jinbei busted out Luffy D. Monkey and Nami, the Straw Hats captain left the latter in Sharkman’s care, while he rushed head on, into the incoming army of Big Mom’s soldiers. Incidentally, Luffy wasn’t interested on defeating as many soldiers as he could, but was looking for his “nakama,” Black Leg Sanji.

Unfortunately, Jinbei’s rebellion becomes known to Big Mom’s soldiers. Hence, the fate of his village might be in danger. Fortunately, Carrot and Chopper pull in Nami and Jinbei as Nami unleashes “Thunder Cloud” on the approaching soldiers. Brulee is angry with Jinbei, but the latter confesses that he intended to leave Big Mom’s group but didn’t wish to take on the dreaded roulette. He claims the roulette to secure one’s freedom is based on a rigged system. The second captain of the Sun Pirates recalls Pekoms’ ill-fated attempt at seeking salvation. He notes how Pekom’s attempt cost Pedro 50 years of his life as collateral.

Surprisingly, Brule doesn’t refute the claims and instead, acknowledges Jinbei’s doubts. She notes that “little invaders, and formerly loyal pirates are all welcome to enter and stay,” however, those expecting to leave “die” after trying their luck on the roulette wheel which asks the deserter to submit a certain number of years of their life to Big Mom. The number is decided by the roulette wheel, and needless to add, the system is rigged to ensure the person leaving Big Mom’s crew has very little left to live afterwards.

In the previous chapter, Pedro was seen in Big Mom’s meaty hands. Incidentally, the Yonko had no intentions of harming the skeletal member of the Straw Hats gang. However, she clearly wants to imprison Pedro for eternity in her Prisoner’s Library along with the rest of her collection of exotic and rare creatures. Interestingly, she is still not aware that the prison was burned down by Jinbei, who even set free all the creatures while rescuing Luffy and Nami.

While Big Mom is playing with Pedro, Promethus, the storm cloud under Big Mom’s control claims his wound, which Pedro inflicted, has opened up again. Surprisingly, Big Mom is happy about Pedro’s powerful ability as “Soul King” to inflict damage. As Pedro remains in Big Mom’s hands, Lady Pudding insults him, but the latter is glad she hasn’t revealed the fact that they are acquainted. It has been apparent for a while that Big Mom wants to add Pedro to her collection. However, the Yonko surprises Lady Pudding by stating that before Pedro is made part of her collection, she wants to hold him and keep him dangling while she walks around with him as a toy.

When Pudding reveals she hurt Reiju, Big Mom appears upset with her for hurting the Vinsmoke’s daughter. But Pudding manages to pacify the Yonko by stating she successfully edited Reiju’s memories. Moreover, Pudding adds that she got to try out the gun that the Big Mom clan plans to use to kill the entire Vinsmoke clan on the wedding day. Since the Vinsnoke clan is genetically enhanced to be tougher than ordinary bullets, a powerful gun is required to pierce their strongly-armored body.

While keeping Pedro dangled, Big Mom cruelly describes, in detail, how they plan to finish off the Vinsmoke clan, but also appears to derive sadistic pleasure in narrating how Sanji would be shocked about the betrayal right when he lifts the veil off of Pudding on their wedding day and sees her third eye.

Fortunately, Sanji has left his chambers undetected, and the Big Mom’s soldiers assume they are aware of his whereabouts as they have him under house arrest. Meanwhile, Big Mom’s henchmen, including Baron Tamago, are taking stock of their actions and of the casualties. Unaware of the rescue mission conducted by Carrot and Chopper, the soldiers assume Pedro died by blowing himself up. Moreover, no one knows that Carrot and Chopper have taken control of Brulee and her Magic Mirror World. Her last transmission to the henchmen noted that she had captured the Straw Hats members, and hence the ministers think the duo is restrained in the Mirror World.

Surprisingly, the ministers aren’t sure about Luffy and Nami’s escape from the Prisoner’s Library either. Perhaps the fact that Opera, the minister in charge of guarding the duo, hasn’t yet divulged that Jinbei busted out Luffy and Nami is the reason for the misinformation and incorrect conclusions. Opera even lies about burning Luffy and Nami for refusing to divulge the whereabouts of Big Mom’s daughter Lola. This further reassures and emboldens the ministers.

Meanwhile, Sanji is seen brooding in one of the hallways of the Whole Cake Chateau. Worryingly, he still hasn’t made up his mind to act upon Big Mom’s cruel plan that involves murdering the entire Vinsmoke clan. He is still holding the lunchbox that he made for Lady Pudding back when he was head over heels in love with her. A passing guard catches a glimpse of the Bento Box and attempts to eat its contents, only to realize it belongs to Sanji, who should have been in his chambers. Before the guard can take a bite, Sanji attacks him with his leg.

Chapter 854 of One Piece ends with Sanji darting at full speed. The caption reads, “Where he heads, he already knows.” While the statement might be cryptic, it is quite apparent that Sanji is racing towards the spot where he berated Luffy and abandoned the Straw Hats captain. Sanji must have recollected that Luffy will stay hungry unless the latter is hand-fed by the chef.

Chapter 855 of One Piece manga is expected to be released without a break. Although mangaka Eiichiro Oda has implied that Sanji is racing towards Luffy, it is not clear if Black Leg manages to unite with the Straw Hats captain. While quite a few of the Straw Hats gang has united, Pedro is still in Big Mom’s custody, and that too without the Road Poneglyphs. Hopefully mangaka Eiichiro Oda sheds some light on these intriguing aspects in the upcoming chapter of One Piece.

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