Khan She Make A Comeback? Chloe Khan Puts Her Underboob On Show On Instagram

Chloe Khan puts her underboob on show to garner Instagram fans

Chloe Khan’s formula for getting more followers on Instagram is quite simple – simply show more skin. After some absence on Instagram, her fans were reminded of this fact when she posted one of her revealing photos.

In the photo captioned, “IF Checking the Just #thot pics GET More Likes??” the former Celebrity Big Brother contestant revealed plenty of underboob, leaving her fans craving for more. For the uninitiated, ‘thot’ has nothing to do with thoughts but is actually urban slang for “that h** over there”!

Just checking if #thot pics get more likes ????

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Perhaps feeling overly generous, the 25-year-old former Celebrity Big Brother star also shared another snap in which she was wearing black knickers and a black top that was barely holding her massive chest. Making the snap even sexier was the fact that her long black hair extensions were flowing down to her chest. The nude lipstick on her surgically-enhanced lips also made her even more ravishing.

‘Cam’ back to me

Chloe’s new and daring pictures are part of her efforts to reclaim her fan base on Instagram since it offers publicity for her webcam business. This is because her account was hacked and taken over by a malicious person in an incident where she has even had to involve the police.

Chloe Khan puts her underboob on show to garner Instagram fans

She has, however, recently set up a new profile and is now on a campaign to reclaim her 978,000 followers and perhaps even exceed 1 million of them. If the picture where Chloe Khan puts her underboob on show to garner Instagram fans is anything to go by, her Instagram reactivation campaign might just turn out to be a roaring success.

‘Ex-acting’ his revenge

Her account of how she came to find herself without an Instagram profile sounds like a plot in a daytime soap. Confessing how it all started, the reality television star claims that it was part revenge from an ex who used someone she had come to trust in order to get to her.

“So here is the reality: When I was 12 years old I met a guy who was about 4 years older than me. I don’t want to go in to too much detail but for the next 6 years I would be physically and mentally tortured. Police and everyone around knew what was happening but nobody could stop it. I was a prisoner. In 2010 I finally escaped,” Chloe disclosed.

Chloe Khan puts her underboob on show to garner Instagram fans

The stalker and her ex had tormented her so much that she could not feel safe even in her own home, let alone in public places. To get her Instagram account back, which she needed for her career, Chloe sent out an appeal to her followers using the hashtag #reactivatechloekhan.

Upon her return to Instagram, she was grateful to everyone for the help.

“Thank you so much to everyone who helped me get my account back. I honestly can’t thank you enough. I feel like it happened for a reason because now the stalker situation is out in the open, it’s finally getting dealt with properly,” Chloe said.

Besides the picture of Chloe Khan putting her underboob on show to garner Instagram fans, the Playboy model has also posted other photos that are equally raunchy.

Just saw this online ???? ???????????? FML????????????????

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The self-titled millionaire has also resumed modeling in lingerie. In one of her initial photoshoots after the hacking incident, the Playboy model can be seen in a thong and a blue lace bra as she writhes on a couch. There are also other pictures of the webcam business owner trying to fit into a dress as her bum gets in the way. Luckily for her, she has an assistant helping out.

It’s ‘Ukrain-ing’ men!

Another raunchy picture that Chloe shared to mark her return included one she had taken with her friends on a holiday in Ukraine.

Spa with the baddies @toochi_kash @vip_glamour @maxi.juli

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While still in Ukraine, Chloe also posted a video in which she and her friends can be heard teasing a butler who has brought food to their room asking him to take his clothes off as they had not ordered room service but rather a stripper!

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