Ariana Grande ‘Dangerous Woman Tour’: From Cat Ears To Bras And Mini Skirts

Ariana Grande's 'Dangerous Woman' Tour Hits The Right Notes

The Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman Tour” presents how much the former Nickelodeon teen star has evolved as an artist who is likened to high-caliber singers Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera.

According to Arizona Central, the young singer, responsible for making the songs “Problem,” Breakfree,” and many others top the music charts, has reached the peak of her career as her fans rushed to the Talking Stick Resort Arena for her “Dangerous Woman Tour.”

Comparing the concert to the one she did in the same venue two years ago, the outlet explored how Ariana Grande proved to the world that she is more than a shadow of the singers that she is likened with, using her talent as an artist and evolved into what we see now.

The outlet said that it was obvious that she had grown “from a former child star in transition (having launched her career with a role on the Nickelodeon series “Victorious”) into a self-assured R&B diva with the vocal chops to back up the confident swagger she brought to the stage on that opening number.”

But aside from the evolution of her singing prowess, the Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman Tour” also presented an entirely new perspective for her as an artist because of the more mature look she donned during the event.

During her early blossoming years, Ariana Grande was known for her cat ear head accessory that served as the highlight of her signature look. Now, the popular singer donning a ponytail ditched her teenager look for something more mature—a bra and a mini skirt.

According to the Daily Mail, Ariana “showed plenty of skin” during the entirety of the show, especially when she came out performing while wearing a Calvin Klein bra and mini skirt matched with thigh-high suede grey boots and a pair of sexy fishnet stockings.

The outlet further noted that the Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman Tour” almost became a venue of outfit disasters after the 23-year-old singer almost had a wardrobe malfunction when her boots started to unzip.

Aside from that, Ariana also boasted her youthful glow with a chic hip-hop outfit composed of a plunging cropped top and an oversized bomber jacket matched with baggy pants that are all white.

According to the Arizona Central’s review of the Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman Tour,” her evolution on stage was nothing near desperate in distancing the artist from her past as a child star.

“It was grown-up and sexy without seeming desperate to distance itself from the character she played on Nickelodeon in that all-too-common former-child-star narrative, opting for a more empowering brand of sexuality.”

She also presented a more powerful passion for the craft which became more apparent when she sang her ballads where she took time to sit in some parts of the stage to let the intensity of the emotion in the songs sink in.

Of course, the Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman Tour” also included some of her most popular songs since she started as a singer, which included “Problem,” “Love Me Harder,” “Break Free,” and “One Last Time” before she finally ended the night wearing a flowing black gown.

Other highlights of the tour launch event included the Little Mix’s performance of the vulnerable ballad “Secret Love Song” as well as the show-stopping encore of “Dangerous Woman.”

Tune in for more news about the Ariana Grande “Dangerous Woman Tour.” In the meantime, enjoy the official music video of “Dangerous Woman” music video below.

[Featured Image by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]