Leaked ‘Flash’ Footage Spoilers: In Video Leak, Jesse Quick Faces Savitar

Jesse Quick and the Flash.

Recently leaked Flash footage – apparently taken by someone with their cell phone on the set of the hit CW superhero show – reveals that two major characters will soon be returning. As reported by the University Herald, we see Jesse Quick from Earth 2 in her speedster outfit clearly facing off against Savitar – this season’s big bad on The Flash.

The Return Of Savitar

The “Speed God” Savitar was supposedly dealt with a few episodes ago when the Flash tossed the mystical Indiana Jones style box connected with Savitar into the speed force. But as was quickly discovered by team Flash, this was an extremely short-lived victory.

CGI Savitar before leaked Flash footage.

In the immediate aftermath of getting rid of the box, Barry Allen found himself thrown into the future – and apparently not that far into the future – where as reported by Entertainment Weekly he watched as Savitar murdered Iris West. So even at that point viewers already knew that Savitar would have to be returning at some later date.

Of course, even aside from this terrifying incident it would have been fairly obvious that the show producers and writers wouldn’t have wrapped up this year’s major villain only halfway through the season. So naturally, Savitar had to come back even without this revealin the mid-season finale.

What the Leaked Flash Footage Shows

In the leaked Flash video footage recently released, we see an extremely large actor wearing what appears to be a fully realized practical effects version of the usual Savitar costume. In all past appearances of the character this season, he was entirely CGI.

The truth is, the CGI version was far from entirely convincing. So it’s just as well they’re using a different approach for the rest of the season. Whether it was planned all along to switch over to a real physical costume or not is unclear, but it certainly seems to be what they’re doing now.

Jesse Quick returns in leaked Flash video.

While one might expect that this would be an awkward and even unimpressive costume, considering what it has to look like for it to appear to be Savitar interacting with the other characters on the show, in the admittedly fairly grainy video the costume actually looks pretty good.

In some of the photos released along with the video footage, we see the actor wearing the Savitar costume with the helmet removed. While some have speculated that he did this just to get a bit of fresh air and cool off between shooting scenes, he does seem to be wearing something underneath that looks almost like part of a green ski mask.

This suggests the possibility of a green screen filter being used on part of the actors head to produce some special effect or appearance on the character when the helmet itself is removed. On the other hand, this would also mean that the person wearing the Savitar costume in the scenes is actually going to play the character in the big reveal – whenever that happens. This seems a bit unlikely.

In the leaked Flash video footage, we see Jesse Quick apparently listening to Savitar as he gestures with his hands and then moves toward her. It’s difficult to tell from the few seconds of footage whether Jesse Quick at this point is captured by Savitar or gets away.

There had been rumors before this leaked Flash video that the character of Savitar wasn’t actually the real major villain of the season, and that a new one would be revealed later. But given the earlier revealed of the death of Iris West and this new footage showing Savitar returning to the show in all his villainous glory, those rumors seem to be unfounded.

[Featured Image by The CW]