Dana White: Korean Zombie’s Win ‘Seals Deal’ For UFC To Return To Korea

Jung Chan Sung, better known as the Korean Zombie, had a phenomenal MMA return defeating Dennis Bermudez at UFC Fight Night: Bermudez vs. Korean Zombie (also known as UFC Fight Night 104). Because of his win, Dana White says it “seals the deal” for UFC to return to South Korea.

According to a written article by MMA Fighting, it reports that Jung Chan Sung’s return to MMA at UFC Fight Night 104 was an important one because it would mark his return to combat action after a four-year layoff. For those who do not know, all males in South Korea have conscription duties or mandatory military service of up to two years. Four years of MMA ring rust is a lot to deal with, but apparently, Chan Sung did not miss a beat when he knocked out Dennis Bermudez with a right uppercut for a first round finish to end the night.

Dana White, the president of UFC, took notice of Jung Chan Sung’s comeback. He made an official statement on the post-fight show expressing how impressed he was of the Korean Zombie.

“I don’t know if anybody in the history of the fight game has come back after a three-plus year layoff and looked as good as he did tonight. Very impressive, and he pumped some excitement into UFC Korea. [UFC Owner] Ari [Emanuel] and I have been talking about going to Korea, so I think tonight he sealed the deal.”

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UFC Fight Night Bermudez vs Korean Zombie
Jung Chang Sung, better known as the Korean Zombie, made his return to MMA action at 'UFC Fight Night: Bermudez vs. Korean Zombie.' [Image by UFC]

Prior to Jung Chan Sung’s departure from the UFC when he was 29-years-old, he was considered one of the top contenders for the UFC Featherweight Division. He had three straight victories which gave him a title shot against the champion at the time, José Aldo. Jung was unsuccessful in his chance to become champion but it showed the world he could be a contender for the title.

Also, Jung Chan Sung has some records which contribute to his popularity not just in the UFC but in MMA in general, as written in an article by MMA Junkie. For starters, Jung is the only fighter to register a submission by Twister in UFC history. Leonard Garcia tapped out to Jung with one second remaining in the round at UFC Fight Night 24. Jung’s submission victory over Dustin Poirier at the 1:07 mark of the fourth round stands as the third-longest stoppage in UFC/WEC featherweight history. Finally, Jung Chan Sung knocked out Mark Hominick at UFC 140 and is tied for the second-fastest knockout in UFC history behind Duane Ludwig’s six-second finish.

Korean Zombie at UFC Fight Night: Bermudez vs. Korean Zombie
Jung Chan Sung, better known as the Korean Zombie, makes his return to MMA after four years. [Image by Tim Warner/Getty Images]

In Jung Chan Sung’s absence, the UFC landscape has changed a lot. There is a new crop of featherweights he has to deal with led by “The Notorious” Conor McGregor. Not only that, South Korea had its first UFC show ever, UFC Fight Night 79 back in November of 2015. Jung admitted that watching his fellow countrymen compete while he himself could not step in the Octagon was “really, really tough.”

But now Jung Chan Sung is back and he is here to show everyone why the Korean Zombie should be feared. Even Dana White is on board in pushing him in which he probably sees Jung as the next big thing, a comeback story for the ages.

“Let me tell you what, Dennis Bermudez is as nasty a fighter as you will ever face, and he came in tonight with all the advantages. And the Zombie, he performed again. This guy is phenomenal athlete. He’s a great fighter. And man, is he a finisher.”

[Featured Image by Tim Warner/Getty Images]