Bali Suitcase Murder: Heather Mack Kills Mom, Confesses To Murder On YouTube

heather mack

Heather Mack, a Chicago woman who was imprisoned for her mother’s 2014 slaying in Bali, has just confessed to the murder in a chilling YouTube video. While serving her 10-year prison sentence in Indonesia, Mack has access to email, a cellular phone, and the internet behind bars. Mack posted a three part video to the YouTube channel, Heather Mack.

Heather, who is now 21-years-old, is seen sniffling throughout the video as she explains the reasons she killed her mother, Sheila von Wiese-Mack. Heather called the confession “a video that I need to make,” and said the truth would set her free.

Heather claims that two weeks before she traveled to Bali, she discovered shocking news about her father’s death. According to Heather, her mother murdered her dad in 2006 inside of a hotel room in Athens, Greece. It was reported that her father, James Mack, suffered a pulmonary embolism. The hatred for her 62-year-old mother increased following the new discovery about her father, according to the New York Daily News.

“And I made it up, in my heart, in my mind, in my soul, in my blood, and the oxygen running through my body, that I wanted to kill my mother.”

Although Heather says she discovered foul play surrounding her father’s death, six months prior, she asked her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, to help find someone that would kill her mom for $50,000. However, Schaefer said “no.” It was then that Heather came up with what she calls, a “savage” idea. The idea was to kill her mother inside of their luxurious $1,000-a-night hotel in Bali.

“I wanted to kill her in a hotel room, because she had killed my father in a hotel room.”

Ten days after landing in Indonesia with her mom, Heather gave her boyfriend access to her mother’s credit card to buy a $12,000 plane ticket so he could fly to Bali. Mack claims she told Tommy he was coming to Bali for a vacation. Heather called Tommy “innocent” throughout the video confession.

heather mack

“I don’t regret killing my mother, and as evil as that may sound, that is my reality… I killed her myself.”

On the night of the murder, Heather took Schaefer’s cell phone at night to text and later delete messages that were sent between the phones. Mack said she did not want to get arrested alone and in another country. After the August, 2014, attack, Heather said she threatened to call the police if Schaefer didn’t help her get rid of the body.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the feds also have at least five pages of incriminating text messages between Mack and Schaefer that were exchanged in the moments leading up to von Wiese-Mack’s death. In one text, Schaefer allegedly wrote, “let me just creep up and wack her.”

Sheila von Wiese-Mack’s body was found stuffed in a suitcase. Heather and Tommy were arrested one day later. In the confession video, Mack claimed that she and her lawyers pressured Schaefer to admit to the murder.

Schaefer is serving 18 years after confessing to striking Heather’s mother in the head with a metal fruit bowl. Schaefer’s cousin, Robert Ryan Justin Bibbs, also pleaded guilty in federal court in Chicago to helping plot the murder, according to the New York Daily News. Bibbs pleaded guilty in December to aiding in the murder. Bibbs’ sentencing is scheduled for March of 2017.

Prosecutors alleged that the three were hoping to share inheritance money von Wiese-Mack would leave behind. The 26-year-old will be sentenced in May of 2017

Mack and Schaefer’s daughter, Stella, was born in March of 2015. Mack’s was given a more lenient sentence due to the birth of their daughter. Heather is raising Stella in prison until the child turns 2-years-old. At this point, a foster family or an agency will care for the girl.

heather mack

Mack does not regret murdering her mother; however, she does regret the impact it’s had on Schaefer and their daughter, Stella.

“I love you (Tommy). I really love you, and if I would go back I would do it myself… I’m sorry everyone thinks you’re some crazy killer. Whoever is watching this, don’t hate Tommy. He’s innocent. I’m not.”

Debbi Curran, von Wiese-Mack’s sister, released a statement to the Chicago Tribune following the Bali murder confession video. Curran said the family has endured “endless lies” about what occurred in Bali.

“Heather Mack’s stories about her relationship with her mother and the events in Bali have changed so many times; it is impossible to discern truth from deception… However, her accusation about Sheila killing Jim is completely false. Sheila loved Jim very deeply and was devastated by his death. We are also struck by the utter lack of any remorse from Heather over her mother’s murder.”

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