‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 78 Spoilers: Tournament Of Power Practice Match

Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 spoilers suggest that the upcoming episode is going to be an exciting one. Sunday’s episode aired the Universe Survival Arc’s first episode which provided insight on how the Saiyans and their friends are doing. More importantly, Goku’s boredom pushed him to request Omni King to hold the Tournament of Power.

With nothing much to occupy his time, the Omni King agrees and the Great Priest was sent to make the announcement on when the multiverse match is going to be held. Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 will look into the Omni King’s plans for the upcoming match and more.

Tournament of Power

Goku is excited that Zeno King is going to hold a tournament between the strongest fighters between all 12 universes. Each team will have 10 fighters. Omni King is excited for the match too but before the actual tournament, there is going to be a practice match between Goku’s universe and the fighters from Universe 9.

Dragon Ball Super Eisode 78 Spoilers Universe 7 fighters
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The first shots in the Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 show Beerus looking worried. This reaction may be due to the rules laid out by the Omni King that the universe that will lose in the tournament will have their world wiped out. In DBS Episode 77, Beerus and Whis warned Goku not to remind the Omni King about the tournament.

Goku insisted that the Omni King is not bad but Beerus countered that the king’s innocence is the reason why he is dangerous. Given Omni King’s power to wipe out the universe of his choosing, the stakes could be high if he decides to hold a match between the strongest fighters in all 12 universes. Beerus’ biggest fears will come true in Dragon Ball Super Episode 78.

Universe 7 Vs. Universe 9

Based on Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 spoilers, the future Omni King will request to see Goku in a match with other fighters before the tournament. Goku will have to face fighters from Universe 9 for this trial match. Viewers will have a first look at the gods and the strongest fighters from that universe.

Goku’s first choice for a teammate is his son Gohan, who is now a scholar. The teasers reveal that Gohan will not be too keen on taking part in the fight and Goku needs to look for two members to join his team. Vegeta already passed on a chance to train with Goku since Bulma is going to give birth any time. However, he might decide to join in the fight now that their universe is at stake. Krillin could also join Goku in this fight.

There are suggestions that the Universe 9 God of Destruction is the one who looks like a clown. The wolf and the fighter that looks like a female version of Majimbo could be their opponents in the pre-match.

Even if the upcoming match will not kick off the Tournament of Power yet, it will provide a preview of what’s to come. Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 might also allow viewers to get to know the gods from all 12 universes better.


DBS Predictions

Beerus is not too happy with Goku on Dragon Ball Super Episode 78. He already warned Goku that something bad could happen if he reminds Zeno King about the tournament. Now that the Omni King laid out the rules for the tournament, Beerus looks ready to pounce on Goku.

Beerus and Goku were not always been in good terms. Goku’s thirst for fighting blinds him to consequences. Now that the Zeno King made up his mind to hold the tournament, there’s no going back and this horrible event is due to Goku’s insistence for a match between the strongest fighters.

One theory suggests that this conflict could turn into something bigger. There have been theories that the Universe Survival Arc will be the last saga for Dragon Ball Super. The story could end with a rematch between Beerus and Goku.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 is scheduled to air on Sunday, Feb. 12.

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