Jessa Duggar Seewald -- Viewers See Baby Names In Her Posts

Jessa Duggar Seewald is a few days past her due date with her second baby, and her social media habits during her last pregnancy have viewers closely examining her posts for information. Each post sets off a new flurry of guesses: Does this comment mean she's in labor? Does silence mean the baby has come? And, particularly a contentious matter with Jessa, does this post hint at a name?

With her previous pregnancy, Jessa Seewald's secrecy angered some viewers. While everyone -- even reality stars -- has the right to choose some privacy, Jessa and Ben were accused of using the secret not for privacy, but to maintain an air of mystery and increase her time in the spotlight.

Whether it's a matter of privacy, a desire not to hear public opinions on the name before the ink is dry on Baby Seewald's birth certificate, or another reason, the Duggar daughter and her husband Ben Seewald have expressed an intent to do the same this time around, even holding back the expected sex of the baby from the rest of the Duggar and Seewald families.

As for the baby's name, last time around, Jessa and Ben kept that a secret from the public even days after his birth. It's not clear if she intends to hold her secret as long this time. However, the Duggar Family Blog reports that as of Sunday, three days past her due date, Jessa still hasn't selected a name.

Here's where the speculation from Duggar fans (and not-so-much fans) comes in. Jessa and Ben Seewald named their first child Spurgeon, after Charles Spurgeon, an evangelical preacher Christianity Today describes as "fiercely anti-Catholic."

Spurgeon, of course, isn't nearly as common a name as Charles, but those who had followed the Seewald couple closely realized there had been earlier clues in their social media. Ben and Jessa shared quotes and sermons from Charles Spurgeon on their social media not only during Jessa's pregnancy, but, in Ben's case, even before he and Jessa were wed.

Hence the notion that Jessa's second child might have an equally unusual name, and that the Seewald social media pages might provide an early clue.

On Sunday, Jessa Seewald shared a hymn by another Charles, though this one's surname is a much more common given name: Wesley.

The comments on her Instagram post center largely around whether the post indicates that Jessa is in labor and seeking hymns for peace and whether it suggests Wesley as a name for the second Baby Seewald.

However, the Duggar family posts religious quotes and hymns fairly frequently, so it's impossible to say yet whether viewers are jumping to conclusions without good reason.

Another recent post by Jessa has lyrics to a hymn by J. Wilbur Chapman. Chapman could be relevant to the Seewald couple's life, since, according to Truthful Words he began his evangelical career alongside, and later wrote a biography of, D. L. Moody, for whom Moody Bible Institute (where Ben Seewald studied) is named.

Yet another of Jessa's posts holds a quote by author and preacher A. W. Tozer.It's entirely possible that Jessa Seewald does have ideas for the name she'll give to the next Duggar grandchild, and that she's dropping hints on social media to keep her followers guessing.

It's also entirely possible that she's merely sharing religious quotes, passages, and lyrics that fit her feelings or thoughts at the moment, or that she recently heard and has on her mind. Perhaps Jessa Duggar isn't dropping any hints at all, and Duggar fans are reading more into the posts than intended.

Either way, if her last birth sets a precedent for this one, it's possible that Jessa Duggar Seewald's anxiously waiting fans won't know the baby's name for days after his birth.

[Featured Image by Ben Seewald/Instagram]